When should i start to see weight loss?

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Question by : When should i start to see weight loss?
Im doing the body for life challenge and Im just curious when weight loss should start to show. Ive been on it for three days now and im just being curious?

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Answer by Roderick
The key for losing weight is easy – eat less and workout more often – the difficulties surface when we actually try to put that into operation! There are lots of temptations out there don’t you think?! I found some excellent help by learning from the website in the box below, they have lots of instruction, I shed 9 pounds by using their methods.

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  1. gb says:


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  2. dortha says:

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  3. Nike says:

    How about changing your diet.

    1. No soda
    2. No caffiene
    3. No Diet Soda or Sugar Free stuff.. ( your body gets all confused)
    4. Eat a good breakfast, lil snack, lunch, light dinner
    5. No heavy meals past 6PM you don’t want a lot of food in your belly when you’re sleeping.
    6. No TV Get outside and PLAY
    7. Play a sport and feel challenged
    8. Try http://www.weightlossdisc.com it workd i tried it.

  4. Shirley says:


    I was 16, and was 260 pounds. It was embarassing to be a fat, and it is hard to lose weight. I asked friends and all, tried camps and things, but nothing worked. So I decided to try some things on the internet, but EVERYTHING FAILED! Then I came across http://www.getslimandsexy.com/

    I decided to try it and it worked great. I used its exercise techniques and diets for about 2 months and lost over 80 pounds.

    Try it

  5. Steven says:

    Keep at it and you’ll see results. Monitor your saturated fat intake, drink plenty of water, and do natural juices as an excellent intake for good nutrition.

    All the best!

  6. SalvadorD says:

    It just depends on how intense you are about dietinig and exercise. Even after 3 days you should see a couple of pounds or so in weight loss. Cutting down on salt will help you lose water weight and you can be storing a lot of water. In this case you can see a weight loss of 3 to 4 pounds a day, but that doesn’t last because once your water is down to a certain level, you will stop losing there.

    Just keep at it and maybe get a friend to help keep you honest. Here’s some info about fat loss and dieting that might help you out:

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