When it is safe to resume a weight loss diet after surgery?

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by jackiebese

Question by Giki: When it is safe to resume a weight loss diet after surgery?
I had a colon resection via open abdominal surgery. They had to remove the part of my colon that is non functioning and blocked. I am 26 and just 10 lbs. over my ideal weight. When can I go back to my weight loss diet without impeding my recovery.

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Answer by Robin B
Only your Dr can answer that.But Good luck to you on your road to recovery☺

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  1. downey s says:

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  2. aclnwj b says:

    So much to consider. Body types, metabolism etc etc make it an impossible task to create answer with a one fits all solution. Consult with dietician and gp to help get on fast track suited to your needs,


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