What weight loss pill would you recommend?

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Question by Damian and Lily’s proud mother!: What weight loss pill would you recommend?
I am a fairly active mother of two, and I am having issues losing weight. I work out every day for about an hour, and I work as a waitress, so I’m on my feet for 6-8 hours a day. I have really hit a wall on weight loss and I would like to try something to get the weight off fast. I eat healthy and in small portions, and I drink lots of water. I am healthy, except for the weight. What weight loss pill would you recommend?

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Answer by Emily Awesome
I forget on one…. I’ve seen it on TV and my mom used it about one month ago, so I’d have to say one-a-day?

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3 Responses to “What weight loss pill would you recommend?”
  1. SuzeeQ says:

    Do not try any weight loss pills. They don’t work and can harm your body. If you have hit a plateau, since you are exercising so much, you need to consume more calories. Then you will start to see the weig coming off again. If you aren’t eating enough for the amount of exercise you’re doing, your metabolism slows down and you won’t lose any weight. You may even possibly find yourself gaining for that reason.

  2. CoffeeGal89 says:

    I suggest that you do NOT use a weight loss pill….They are usually not FDA approved, and I’ve seen many cases of horrifying side effects….See a dietitian for a more natural way to get off your plateau ­čÖé

  3. Anubis├ó╦ť┬║ says:

    None. Weight Loss pills are not FDA approved, and in many cases found to be ineffective.

    Eat Healthy, Eat right (missing meals starts fat build up), and drink a lot of water – like you are doing.

    Working out wise. Do more. If you do the same routine everyday your body will get used to it and you will not lose weight. Try doing cardio one day, aerobics another. Don’t slow down, do meaningful physical training.

    @Emily. That’s a daily muti-vitamin, not a weight loss pill. I take a multi-vitamin everyday, there’s no harm to it.

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