What weight loss pill can I get at a regular drug store, that will actually work?

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by ninahale

Question by Catherine: What weight loss pill can I get at a regular drug store, that will actually work?
PLEASE don’t answer this telling me not to use weight loss pills.
I want a weight loss pill that I can conveniently get at any drug store that is safe, and actually works…
Has anyone had any experience with them, and know some that work?
Thanks in advance!

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Answer by thelittlemermaidx
I used to take NowSlim tablets, and they helped me loose about 4 or 5 pounds for the first few weeks but then everything came to a hault. They’re also quite expensive.
Just recently I also tried Capispure tablets, and they didn’t work at all!

I think everyone’s body responds to these types of tablets differently, and even though the NowSlim worked for me for a few weeks it might not work for you.

Just be careful what you take and never buy anything from eBay cause it’s cheaper, because you don’t actually know if you’re getting the real thing!
Good luck!

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3 Responses to “What weight loss pill can I get at a regular drug store, that will actually work?”
  1. corriecorka says:

    Acai Berry – google it. Some of the network news shows in the states have given it the thumbs up as helping with weight loss. Also I cant leave this question without saying a healthy diet and frequent exercise. Don’t worry I’m trying to loose weight and I am not going for the quick fix. Good Luck

  2. Kay E says:

    Xenedrine… the newer versions provide appetite control and make you less hyper, while still giving you the endurance to work out harder and stronger. Works for me, I lose weight at least twice as fast.

  3. Auron1838 says:

    GeneFit BeThinâ„¢ is a patented natural dietary supplement that is safe and effective for weight management. NO harmful stimulants, NO Caffeine, NO Ephedrine. Safe for people with type II diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Clinically Proven Results: GeneFit BeThin users lose an average of 21 pounds over 3 months.

    Currently, the FDA approved ingredients: L-Carnitine and hydrocitric acid (HCA) contained in GeneFit BeThinâ„¢ are designed in perfect ratio that could biotechnologically bind and burn fat and also suppress the appetite, normalize blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

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