What types of medication can a doctor prescribe to help weight loss ?

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Question by Why so sad ?: What types of medication can a doctor prescribe to help weight loss ?
I have heard of doctors sometimes prescribing something to aid weight loss or curve the appetite im just not too sure on what it was called ?

Have you ever heard of anything or am I crazy ?

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Answer by Koolikas
There is something which u might never heard but really effective to loose weight naturally.

Guarana is the world newest superfood which is being hailed as a breakthrough in weight loss and is already being endorsed by many celebrities.

Research has shown that Guarana affects how the body perceives itself to be full. Guarana and its main ingredient, caffeine, impair the appetite. Simply, if you are not hungry, you don’t over eat, resulting in weight loss. Guarana is natural, working together with your body’s natural functions. The most natural appetite suppressant on the market.

It is 100$ safe and has been tested and approved by some of the worlds top dieticians

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