What kind of exercises for weight loss can a person do with severe back & knee pains?

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Question by Ghost: What kind of exercises for weight loss can a person do with severe back & knee pains?
I eat right, not too much food, no sweets,oil or salt. I know that weight loss comes from BOTH eating right AND exercise. So I need to have some exercises I can do. I don’t need to have people telling me to just eat right.

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2 Responses to “What kind of exercises for weight loss can a person do with severe back & knee pains?”
  1. AnonAnon says:

    DEEP WATER HIGH INTESITY AEROBICS will kick you into shape like crazy. If oyu are not in shape at all start with a medium class at the YMCA. Must be deep water with a float belt. ANyone with pain should get in the water and get moving – it is a miracle to be able to work really really hard and not end up flat on my back for days and days. I still manage to hurt myself overdoing it sometimes but it is truly terrific for those in pain. You might have a class full of older women with knee replacements etc but watch out, some have been doing it three times a week for YEARS and can kick the rear of people 40 yrs younger. Plus you end up with a lot a extra “Moms” if you are a nice person. Diet= eat until 70% full and slowly, go to bed slightly hungry and ignore ALL fad diets and secret diets, reduce portion size, train your brain to talk to and listen to your stomach – do I really need another bite? Losing weight is simple once you are no longer addicted to artificial tastes and preservatives, give up prepared food in crinkle packages and boxes, stop using food as a reward or punishment or to stuff feelings and tears, etc. DO NOT remove all oils and salt from diet – they are required by the body/brain to function- just had an older relative die from years and years of zero salt and nearly no fat- passing out all the time, was put on 10 drugs incl neurontin, refused ot take salt pills, passed out again and agin from low blodd pressure due to no salt, hit head, stroke, 2 weeks to die of starvation in hospice despite being very thin to start. Try agave syrup instead of white sugar or honey – might help. You can do it! One step at a time. I just lost 45 lbs using the above methods. The 45 lbs was from taking neurontin for pain and blowing up like a balloon. Bye bye fat hello perfect figure again! Take it slow and respect yourself and your limitations.

    EXCUSE ME Mr. self righteous CHow but I did not guarantee it would work for this person. She asked a specific question and I answered it from specific experience and knowledge. And yes, I am married to a physician who specializes in nutrition unlike most other docs but everything I told this person was 100% from my own experience. Doctors know little to nothing about nutrition or are you not aware of that? They don’t even take Nut-101 in college. If you think water aerobics is dangerous then stay out of the water. It is safe ot assume this person HAS ALREADY gone to the doctor who said “lose weight and exercise and come back in 6 months” with ZERO information on HOW TO DO IT. Get off your high horse. This forum is for people to exchange ideas, experiences and what has worked and not worked for them and give warnings if someone is going off the rails. I don’t know what your point is unless you work for the AMA but your main point was to insult me so bugger off. If you have never dealt with chronic pain or weight issues or if you are not a physician you have no answer to HELP this person in any way.

  2. Chow P says:

    In a situation like this, it’s human nature for a responder to want to play amateur doctor and say, “This worked for me, so it’s guaranteed to work for you.” Unfortunately, the people who make those well-intended recommendations will not be around to help you if you injure your back or knees. It’s great that you recognize the need for both diet and exercise. Since you’re dealing with some pain, talk to a doctor or physical therapist in order to put together an exercise program that will work well for you without the risk of further injury. This is important for a few reasons:

    (1) You may need some diagnostic tests to determine whether you just have aches and pains or something more serious like tendinitis in your knees or an extruded disk in your back.

    (2) The professionals have spent years studying human physiology, and they understand that not all sore backs or sore knees indicate the same conditions.

    (3) It would be a good idea to get a second opinion on your diet. You appear to understand the common sense part of it; however, if you’re consuming too few calories in a day or missing out on one of the major food groups, you’re setting yourself up for a bounce-back or some possible health problems.

    Best of success in your efforts, and remember that this forum works great for some types of questions, but others should be left to the professionals.

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