What is the role of water in diet and weight loss?

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by mikemol

Question by : What is the role of water in diet and weight loss?
I was just wondering if water helps you lose weight. Every diet and weight loss plan includes the ‘drink lots of water’ sentence. If it doesn’t, what part does it play apart from being a healthier substitute for soft drinks?

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Answer by Johnny Young
from what ive heard if you drink alot of water your not as hungry. & it’s 0 calories compared to everything else

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  1. Brian says:

    It fills your stomach, therefore you will not be as hungry. There’s no sugar or unhealthy elements in water, which makes it the perfect drink to fill your stomach with. Also, it helps flush out toxins and other unwanted products that maybe occupying your digestive system.

    When dieting, exercise is also important. In that sense, water helps people stay hydrated. This fact cannot be stressed enough. Not only does it help produce sweat, which cools the body down, but during all exercises, muscles are broken and need to be repaired by the body. Water helps this recovery period so staying hydrated is essential.

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