What is the cheapest and fastest weight loss diet?

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Question by Merrilee: What is the cheapest and fastest weight loss diet?
I have my own exercise program but I would like to add a diet to it. Please do not give me any lectures about the importance of slow weight loss and proper nutrition. I simply want a quick fad diet that is cheap. Thank you!

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  1. eNIGMA says:

    It’s mostly about calorie intake. You can technically eat nothing but twinkies and lose weight so long as you monitor your calories:


    Not saying it’s safe long-term… but, by all indications, the guy was healthier after the diet. Just eat fewer calories I guess.

  2. Seeker of Wisdom says:

    The Atkins Diet is the Best for quick shedding of weight and it is rapid and starts within 24 hours. You start to enter into Ketosis, burning FAT as there are no Cabohydrates (Sugars) left in your system. Please Please Please, see your Doctor First and you Doctor can Advise you on the Pro’s and Con’s of the Atkins.

    Buy these Atkins Diet DVD and the Book Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. You will eat sausages, eggs, cheese, cream, all the things they say not to eat. See ! It is the carbohydrates that turn to sugar and if you are not burning this, it stores and turn to fat. Please Please Please, get your Family and loved ones involved and get them to support you through this. A Tip: 1 little cheat sets you back but you can restart immediately but don’t do that too often, or your body will become resilient to this dieting,

    If you want a longer term one, do the Low G.I Diet.

    But Please Please Please, get Advice and Support from your Doctor and and once started, your Friends too. Trust me on all of this.

    I was losing 1 stone every 3 weeks.

    See less of you soon !

  3. John Black says:

    I was going to type food tips for you but I left them out, as you said you didn’t want a lecture.

    For Fat Loss – http://www.howtoloosebellyfatnow.info

    For Training – http://www.31dayfatloss.info

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