What is the best weight loss plan to follow?

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Question by : What is the best weight loss plan to follow?
I am looking for a weight loss plan to follow can you help in any way? I have done some research but there is so many out there!

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Answer by Julie
For a weight loss program to be effective you must have an exercise program and a diet plan:

Exercise: each morning do 30 minutes of floor exercise such as leg lifts, squats, push up, lunges, jumping jacks or whatever you wish. after a week start taking a brisk 30 minute walk each evening, after another week you can add a longer time to your walk, but do not miss a session of exercise.

Diet: three balanced meals daily, make sure you get protein from lean meat or fish, include vegetables and fruit, whole grain cereal or bread, dairy products with reduced fat. you can have a mid morning snack and a mid after noon snack. Eliminate all junk food and soda and drink a large glass of water before each meal.

stick with this and you will loose weight rapidly and tone up your body as well.

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  1. lisagrndy says:

    plain and simple weight loss plan eat healthy meals fresh not convienience food cut out sugary foods eg crisps biscuits chocolate. have smaller portions excercise for approx 30 mins per day eg walking the dog,window shopping, doing house work weight yourself once a month not every week cut out drinking and smoking also buy smaller plates it does work i lost weight myself with this healthy eating plan no fast food or takeaways dont eat after 6pm if you feel hungry have a piece of fruit or raw carrots

  2. Dreamer says:

    In my source section their is a similar program format like biggest loser. I started losing weight it’s just an article about how the writer plans on losing weight, not your stereotypical weight loss calender. The only problem is calories the writer eats may not be compatible with everyone print the article and ask your doctor about the workout, and how much calories should be consumed their is a reason why doctors are on campus while the people workout. Don’t risk causing body damage by just following the workout. See a doctor first.

  3. Mike says:

    check it out….Weight loss Tips


  4. Oracle A says:

    There is a a great weightloss and muscle building program called 7 minute muscle. I recommend you try it. It’s made for those who have busy lives and don’t have any much time to work out. Great for the buys moms or the busy professional. Just 7 minutes a day, you can tone and lose weight easily. I tried it and it works great! You can find the at the link my source field below.

    7 Minute Muscle is perfect for you if you are interested in…
    •Saving your valuable time
    •Saving money on wasted supplements
    •Saving your body and your joints from needless abuse
    •Saving yourself from a life of “six meals a day” to get lean and muscular

    4 hours gained every week = over 1 year of extra life if you are 30, and more if you’re younger. Even if you are a bit older like me, do you really want to throw your days away like yesterday’s garbage? No way! You want to live every minute of your life to the fullest. I recommend this program even if you have tried every program out there and it didn’t work. This will work and it will be give you an amazing result. Try it out and see for yourself.

    Good Luck,

  5. Dr. says:

    When it comes to losing weight everyone wants to know what’s the best weight loss plan or program to use to achieve the best weight loss. We probably have in the past all used a favourite way of losing that excess weight, but some of the diets we may have followed are now probably out of date.

    In the past we may have followed diets that encouraged you to eat low fat foods and plenty of salads, and it is no surprise that these diets were hard to stick to and very easy to break. When most people including myself are told they cannot eat a certain food they will start craving that food even more. Does this ring a bell with you? Remember that time when you were on a diet and all you could think about was chocolate or that lovely cooked breakfast.

    I can guess the outcome was at some point you slipped off the diet and let yourself eat the food you were craving for, not only that I can imagine that once you had done that you thought to yourself something like “what’s the point, I have broken the diet I might as well have the chocolate bar as well” And you are not alone on this as many of us have done the same thing.

    There is however real hope for us in the form of the more modern weight reduction programs. So what’s the difference? Well most diet programs these days instruct you to eat a natural healthy diet, but they also show you how you can include things like chocolate and cooked breakfasts and all your other favourite foods.

    They also make this easy by incorporating those nicer choices into your daily eating plan. You not only lose weight but you also do not have to exclude the nicer things including those so called fattening foods as you had to in the past. Some of the more modern weight loss plans also do one very important thing. They do not end when you have lost the weight. In the past slimming diets just concentrated on getting you to reduce weight, but the modern programs teach you how to maintain your new slimmer body without having to follow a diet every day for the rest of your life.

    So how do you find what’s the best diet plan or program? You need to look for 3 important aspects that any worthwhile program will have in it, and these are

    1 Natural healthy eating plan

    2 Weight loss maintenance Plan

    3 Exercise plan

    If you can find a diet program that contains all those aspects then this is a good sign that it is a program worth following. Stay away from programs that encourage you to skip meals or replace them with pills or weight loss drinks. You will only get very short term weight reduction with these.

    Armed with this information you will find it easier to choose a good weight loss program. So now the rest is up to you.

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