What is the best weight loss diet out there?

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Question by : What is the best weight loss diet out there?
I’ve tried some fast weight loss programs but haven’t found the one I need yet. I have even tried weight loss pills. Please help me!

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Answer by arch0049
1 – pills don’t work. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a 1000 different brands. They would make one pill that works. And, everyone would use it. PERIOD.

2 – Fast plans don’t work. Human biology/evolution is to respond to long period of not eating, by overeating later. Evolution is real. It is our evolutionary habit to overindulge in food when we yo-yo diet. Our ancestors even a few generations back didnt have access to clean, healthy food at all times like we do. So, they overate when times where good (fall feast = thanksgiving) and drank lots of water and canned/bottled foods when times were lean. And, since man’s time on earth up until the last few hundred years, famine/starvation was the biggest the threat to a human being. That is why you are inclined to overeat after fast loss programs.

3 – balanced diet (50% carbs 30-40% protein 10-20% fats), 45min-1hr of cardio 4-5 days a week and moderate weight lifting 2-3 days a week. Lots of rest, drink lots of water.

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3 Responses to “What is the best weight loss diet out there?”
  1. Grizzlie says:

    Keep away from weight loss pills, I haven’t ever tried any of them but I’m very doubtful about their effectiveness and really scared about their possible side effects. In my experience, losing weight is a matter of lifestyle changes: eat healthy, live an active life and you’ll shed your extra pounds and keep them off without putting your health at risk with pills!
    I got really good results by following a personalized Mediterranean diet I found on the web. It helped me lose 8 pounds in about a month, which is the best weight loss goal I’ve ever reached, so in my experience it’s the most effective weight loss plan, definitely! It’s a complete and varied diet, providing your body with a balanced intake of all the nutrients you need to control your weight the healthy way. It’s tailored for your caloric needs, depending on your age, build, lifestyle and weight, so you can be sure that it’s really suitable for your weight loss goal.
    What I like most of it is its positive approach to eating: no foods are off limits, you just learn balanced nutrition and portion control and get used to make both of them a daily routine, so it’s something more similar to a lifestyle than simply to a diet, you don’t feel deprived of food and sticking to your plan is pretty much easier than with very low-cal or low-carb diets.
    Take a look at it if you like, here’s the website where I got it from: http://www.italiandiet.com It’s provided by a team of italian nutritionists from the SISA (Italian Association of Food Science), so it’s a pretty safe plan, and it’s free.
    If you wanna try it out, you just need to sign up, give information about your weight, your lifestyle, your food preferences and your weight loss goal and you’ll get your diet straight into your email, that’s quite convenient! You can choose to get it daily or weekly: in my experience, the weekly option is much better because it allows you to go grocery shopping for a whole week rather than day by day.
    I hope it’s gonna work for you as it worked for me!! Of course, losing weight is gonna take time, constancy, hard work and patience, so don’t be in a hurry: a fats weight loss is not a safe and long lasting weight loss and, if you shed your extra pounds too quickly, you’ll very likely get back all of them as soon as you stop dieting. So, set reasonable goals (2 pounds a week is a pretty safe one): losing weight will be much healthier and easier! Wish you all the best!

  2. Sofia B says:

    1. Motivation

    Attitude is key. If you don’t think you need to or want to, then you won’t succeed. If you believe you can do it, you are on the road to success. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

    2. Goals

    It is easier to stay motivated if you have a concrete objective. Set goals with a deadline and commit to them. If you pick “lose 30 pounds in 30 days,” be prepared to intensify your commitment. A more reasonable goal might be “lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks,” then repeat the goal again. It usually is better to go slow and be persistent.

    3. Rewards

    To really motivate yourself, reward yourself when you reach each your goals. Buy a new outfit, go out to dinner. Enjoy yourself, then set you next goal. It’s good idea to post your goal with deadline and reward somewhere you can see it everyday.

  3. Deb Sutton - Weight Loss Coach says:

    The reason you haven’t found a fast weight loss program that really works is because it doesn’t exist.

    Weight loss (or weight control) is really about making long-term changes to your lifestyle. This means the food you eat, the amount and type of exercise you do, your mindset about yourself/your weight and your stress levels.

    The problem most people make is they bounce between different fad diets, losing weight and then putting it all back on again. Understanding how habits are formed and how to integrate new healthy habits into your life would solve this problem.

    The reason you don’t hear about these long-term solutions is because the weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry that makes money by keeping you fat and selling you new fad diets every year. To break the cycle you must learn how to control your weight.

    I’ve written a free report on this whole topic that explains this in more detail, and provides you with some easy solutions. You can get a free copy at http://www.weight-loss-club.org

    Best of luck!

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