What is the best way to drink green tea for weight loss?

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Question by Diane C: What is the best way to drink green tea for weight loss?
I have heard about the benefits of green tea for weight loss. I have never had tea in my life. I would like to know what I could add to it to make it more pleasant tasting and how should I take it for weight loss

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Answer by marie price
they say to add sugar or some honey to give green tea tht sweet taste i drink it just as it comes and i like it

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  1. rory p says:

    you shouldnt, its horrible.

  2. Stephanie J says:


  3. Cherry says:

    I began to consume it regularly 2 years ago however I still remember the first feeling that I experience when consuming it.

    As I was told not to mix it with too many sugar or else the effects would be diminished, I decided to drink it plain. The taste was very bitter for me at that time.

    Here’s what I did with my green tea so that it become delicious

    * Prepare the green tea in a tall glass. Fill 1/2 of the glass with the tea.
    * Prepare a passion fruit. Open it in the middle and pick two tea spoons of passion fruit and pluck it into your green tea. Fill 1/4 of the glass with unsweetened apple juice.
    * Stir it throughly.
    * Then add ice cubes so that the glass is filled.

  4. Julian says:

    The reason green tea promotes weight loss is because it contains catechins and caffeine. The best source these wonderful nutrients are loose green tea picked very early Spring.

    The secret is that these green tea, made from those precious tender tea shoots, tastes very good by themselves, you don’t need to anything extra.

    You can read the green tea about I drink in the first link below.

    Another customers share with me her experience of losing weight (25 ponuds in 6 months) using the same green tea.

    Enjoy ..:)

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