What is the best interval training program to really boost my weight loss/cardio fitness?

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by jackiebese

Question by Nagrom: What is the best interval training program to really boost my weight loss/cardio fitness?
I am in fairly good shape and I usually run or walk at least 3 to 4 miles when I work out outside or at the gym. But, I have hit a bit of a plateau and I would love to recharge my weight loss. I have heard interval training is a great way to do this.

I have starting alternating between running/walking, but I am unsure about the times/sets.

Any suggestions?

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Answer by Beatrice
The key for losing weight is not difficult – consume less food and move more often – the difficulties surface when we really try to put that into operation! There are lots of stumbling blocks in the big wide world aren’t there?! I uncovered some good advice by reading the website in the box below, they have lots of guidance, I melted away 6 pounds by following their techniques.

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2 Responses to “What is the best interval training program to really boost my weight loss/cardio fitness?”
  1. Jesse B says:

    h.i.i.t or high intensity interval training. 1 minute sprinting, 1 minute walking or jogging.. repeat 10 to 15 times.

  2. Anita (FitHappyHealthy) says:

    Any interval training program would give you a break from your plateau, because it’s very different from steady-state cardio – i.e. the running you do. It really depends on what you enjoy doing. If you want to stick to the running, then try the suggested variations of sprinting and walking.

    Typically I would suggest you start with 30 sec sprint and 60 rest intervals. When you sprint give it all you have 80-90% of your max effort. Your rest period should be at 30%. I would do 8 to 10 rounds to start with and would only do up to 3 sessions a week until you get used to it. If of course you find this too easy, try a 60 sec work 90 sec rest (or 120 sec) rest intervals.

    If you don’t want to do running, you can try skipping with knees high up, alternating with burpees. If you’re like me and you get bored easily you can make up your own intervals with just about any full-body exercise, as long as you make sure to work really hard during the work periods and to rest well in the rest periods.

    If you’re looking for a structured program – try Josh Hillis’ Fighter workouts at the link below.

    Either way I am sure you’ll see results and you’ll love them. Interval training is hard but rewarding :o)


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