What is the best colon cleanse supplement for weight loss?

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Question by Megan D: What is the best colon cleanse supplement for weight loss?
I always hear of new colon cleansers everywhere I turn, and I want to know where I a could order a free smaple of a colon cleanser online without wasting my time. Also, how are you supposed to use colon cleanser as a weight loss supplement?

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Answer by wackjacko
I tried the Acai Elite Berry and it worked great. I lost14 pounds in a week with this stuff and 7-9 pounds a week there after. I found a good site with a clinical study on this supplement, http://coloncleansingtherapy.com/results.php?seedcolon-cleanse&expansion=YHAN

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  1. Don J says:

    The best I found was recommended by a friend. It made me feel better and I lost 5 pounds in 3 – 4 days. It is guaranteed to work plus it has a free trial offer. Try it, I think you will like it.

  2. Geshwinn says:

    Hi Megan,

    If nutritional foods are never found in your plate and you find yourself queuing in a fast food chain for your lunch several times a week, then a colon cleanser is what you need.

    The body naturally needs vitamins and minerals for proper functioning and by stuffing yourself with less than the recommended dietary intake, several disorders may develop, primary of which are those that surround your digestive system and most especially the neglected colon.

    A good way to prevent this from happening is through detoxification by taking a colon cleansing product. It should be composed of natural ingredients and can be taken without fear of over dosage, it should help the colon remove toxins and unwanted substances from your body usually found in some processed foods and unclean water.

    By doing so, it eliminates the problems of the body associated with unhealthy diet such as stress, constipation, bloating, water retention, the lack of energy and the malabsorption of nutrients.

    Toxic buildup can definitely start a series of ailments in your body, and as busy as you may be, time should be allotted to prevent long term medical ailments caused by present neglect.

    This alternative herbal colon cleansing treatment also provides internal detoxification for other vital organs, intestinal tract as well as the lymphatic system.

    Although supplements are not replacements for the natural sources of nutrients and should never be considered as such, taking the Bowtrol Colon Cleanse twice or thrice a day can significantly improve your health. Improvement on your body’s performance is guaranteed, including the body’s overall ability to shield itself from illnesses.

    There are many customers with happy bowtrol testimonials. You can search for them online and see for yourself whether does bowtrol really work.

    See the resource field. They offer a FREE TRIAL if you want to see if it works for you.

  3. Henry F says:

    This website listed top rated colon cleansing products based on customer’s reviews. You may want to check it out.

  4. Chris R says:

    I found some good ones in the link bellow. I have used the intra colon cleanse with great results.

  5. Sara B says:

    Hi Megan,

    Personally, I’ve had a lot of success with the product Colon Clean (you can get more details on my website if you like – they do offer a good free trial).

    Colon cleanse products are designed to help clear out the gunk that accumulates in the intestines over years of eating meat and junk food. Think about it – the human body isn’t designed to process all the artificial chemicals we add to food, so it’s natural for some bits and pieces to get trapped in the colon. These left over bits can lead to some serious health consequences over time if they aren’t addressed.

    Using a colon cleanse product removes the left over gunk, so users do see some initial weight loss as the colon is cleaned out. In addition, cleaning the colon enables it to digest foods better, so you won’t have as much buildup in the future. People who use colon cleanse products often report having higher energy levels and feeling healthier overall than ever before – both of which can make it easier to stick with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

    The most important thing to remember is to look for a colon cleanse product that’s gentle and includes a pro-biotic supplement. While you’re cleaning the intestine, you’ll be wiping out some of the beneficial bacteria that live there. It’s important to choose a product that replaces them, since low bacteria levels can give you lots of trouble digesting foods in the future.

    Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me – I’d be happy to discuss the program I used with you!


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