What is good weight loss plan for a pescetarian?

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Question by Audrey H: What is good weight loss plan for a pescetarian?
I am a pescetarian, meaning that i am a “vegitarian” who eats fish. I am looking for a weight loss plan that will help me lose some weight while still not eating any meat other than fish. If anyone has any yummy healthy low-carb recepies that would be great too!

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Answer by JustMe
Loads of options for you…baked fish with fresh lemon juice, spices (like garlic, oregano, lemon pepper) are great..shrimp sauteed in slight olive oil and garlic…any fish can be baked with fresh citrus and veggies…

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  1. depps_lover says:


    1 lb. fish fillets (sole is good)
    Freshly ground black pepper
    2 tbsp. oil (peanut oil is good)
    1/3 c. corn flake crumbs

    Wash and dry fillets and cut into serving pieces. Season, dip in oil and coat with corn flake crumbs. Arrange in a single layer in a lightly oiled shallow baking dish. Bake at 500 degrees for 10 minutes without turning or basting. Makes 4 to 5 servings.

  2. SAI2301 says:

    Great.i was a pescetarian myself some years ago..take steamed fish with oatmeal for dinner(you may season it with pepper and a drizzle of sesame oil, and do add eggplants and carrots by the side)…do stick to your regular dose of veggies n fruit…do keep a limit on soy products because too much soy raises estrogen in your blood and that will be enough to limit your body from burning excess fat..if you are a woman trying to get pregnant or simply a person who appreciates high metabolism,please take my advice seriously. Progesterone is a female hormone that exists in men too, but the testicles can convert it to testosterone.High testosterone/Progesterone levels improve metabolism and also improve the alertness of the brain..estrogen isnt like that..it is dangerous if it is in high density in your blood..and the bad news is that the strength of estrogen raises when there is too much sugar in the blood OR TOO MUCH FAT IN THE BODY. Estrogen dominance is the root of all weight loss problems…there are no foods on earth to induce progesterone, so the only way to cut down estrogen in the blood is via regular exercise. Even 20 minutes , 3 times a week of cardio workout will work wonders. If you hate sweat, then try something more internal like yoga and pilates.Sweat is external excretion. Yoga/Pilates helps the body excrete from within,so you dont sweat much,but it works!try to take home made replacements like fresh fruit juice mixed with non-fat yoghurt or muesli occasionally so you still get a good balance of amino acids.Trust me friend- There is no short cut to a better and healthier body, but hard work will pay off!

  3. ksheervasudha k says:

    fish as such will help u lose weight apart from which u can add pumpkin in ur diet and citrus fruits and and vegetables and fruts that contain more water and haf a glass of honey mixed with hot water every morning i think that is good enough 🙂

  4. KitKat says:

    This is the vegetarian section, there is no such thing as a fish eating vegetarian since NO vegetarian eats fish.

  5. Celtic Tejas says:

    1) eat your fish cooked in a low fat manner: No Frying/ Batter etc. Baked Steamed, Grilled with only olive oil & herbs.
    2) Increase your Green & Raw Veggies to 50% of each meal, Have a huge fresh raw salad at the beginning of your meal. Use a nice lowfat, no sugar dressing. Lemon Juice(or Vinegar) & Olive Oil with herbs
    3) For your startchy carb, use Carrots,Baby Red Potatoes, no grains. Again steamed, grilled, baked.
    Oven roasted veggies are super & low in fat. Almost all veggie can be made this way.

    Slainté,(to your health)

  6. CAT =^..^= says:

    Don’t some vegeterians eat eggs? So, I assume some eat fish…….. oh well…there are more important things to get indignant over.
    ——>Anyway, look online for great recipes foodnetwork.com is a great source b/c you can search by difficulty and ingredient/s plus the recipes give you fat and calorie content.

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