What is a weight loss pill that actually works?

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Question by You know you love me.: What is a weight loss pill that actually works?
I work out everyday, and eat pretty healthy..i just need a little extra help so is there a weight loss pill that will give me that last extra umph i need?

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  1. Chicken Tenders says:

    yeh, right.. if you ate healthy you wouldn’t be asking this question.

  2. Avinash Tiwari says:

    you should try some ayurvedic preparation Triphala guggul and medohar vati. http://www.currenteventsworld.com

  3. miscwat? says:

    I hear DNP and clenbuterol melt fat like butt. Cell tech works as well, but the side effects are tremendous.

  4. Blaze, RN says:

    If your buying anything otc you will just be wasting your money. There are several types of Rx medications that might help you lose some weight but only a doctor can decide which one you should take.

    Meridia (Sibutramine)increases the levels of certain brain chemicals that help reduce appetite

    Xenical (Orlistat) this one is a semi new one, Lipase is the enzyme that breaks down dietary fat for use by the body. Xenical interferes with lipase function, decreasing dietary fat absorption by 30 percent

    Bontril (phendimetrazine tartrate), Desoxyn (methamphetamine) and Ionamin and Adipex-P (phentermine). These drugs are approved only for short-term use, such as a few weeks. They generally don’t cause weight loss beyond several weeks, and they have significant potential for physical dependence or addiction.

  5. bill t says:

    you don’t need a weight lose pill all you need is a tree and a rope

  6. FunkyTown says:

    lol at the male nurse. somebody’s parents didn’t love them enough.

  7. anaheimlakers says:

    Google “Zyzz.” He invented weight loss techniques and has a program that guarantees a 20 lb weight loss in 4 hours! It’s quite amazing. Again, to find out more, simply type “Zyzz” into Google and look the man up.

  8. Molecular Guy says:


  9. John Jones says:

    If you have not been including it in your routine many popular body builders masturbate up to 4 times a day, and make a protein shake with egg white, dat dere cell tech, crushed multi vitamin, and semen. Good luck with your fitness goals in 2011

  10. luke says:

    just take a multi and keep lifting heavy

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