What is a good/healthy/temp diet to kick start my body for weight loss?

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Question by MALO: What is a good/healthy/temp diet to kick start my body for weight loss?
I have decided to start a weight loss regimen, I already exercise, but have plateaued. Is there a diet that can accelerate the process?

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Answer by jack
your only chance , liposuction

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  1. Matt D says:

    i just hit that same plateaue you speak of and it sucks, what i did was the master cleanse diet, or the lemonade diet, do it for 5-10 days and it should help you lose weight and detoxify.

    the grade B maple syrup can be a little pricey, but the rest of the stuff is dirt cheap

  2. Peter says:

    honestly, a very simple and effectice thing that you can do is to cut out all liquids from your diet besides plain old water. may not be the greatest thing you can do, but it is effective because any sugary drinks, even juices and other things, have a lot more calories than water, and it is very very simple. good luck

  3. Anu says:

    Great, you started doing exercises to reduce weight. I too wanted to reduce weight some time back and followed certain tips. I wrote an article about them so that other weight losers can benefit from it. Here’s the article for you.


    I’ve detailed about 6 tips which you can use to reduce your weight.

  4. Alper says:

    I think that The Zone diet, which is basically a 30-30-40 (adds up to 100% of what you consume) diet that is 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates in total calories. It is pretty easy to follow, and after a few days you can kinda forget about it, and let it do it’s thing. My only warning is that if you are going to follow any diet, you should be consulting with a doctor, to gage your level of health, and warn against any possible problems.

    There are a lot of guides on the inter-webs that can give you the rundown… This is from Web MD:

    The Zone diet does boldly claim is that much of the current thinking about good nutrition — a diet high in carbohydrates, low in protein, and fats — is “dead wrong.” What’s more, Sears contends, that type of diet has contributed to our risk of contracting serious, even life-threatening ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer. His new book, The Anti-Inflammation Zone, takes a closer look at disease and how his diet combats the inflammation he says is an underlying factor behind the development of serious illness as well as weight gain.

    As a former scientist, Sears devotes considerable time to discussion of the science on which he based his theory. Put simply, The Zone diet is a “metabolic state in which the body works at peak efficiency,” and that state is created by eating a set ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

    What You Can Eat on The Zone Diet

    The Zone diet does not recommend that you eat fewer calories than you’re currently consuming, just different ones. Although the book has a more complicated and exacting measurement of what to eat, it can be simplified as:

    A small amount of protein at every meal (approximately the size of your palm or one small chicken breast) and at every snack (one in the late afternoon, one in the late evening)

    “Favorable” carbohydrates twice the size of the protein portion — these include most vegetables and lentils, beans, whole grains, and most fruits
    A smaller amount of carbohydrates if you have chosen “unfavorable” ones — these include brown rice, pasta, papaya, mango, banana, dry breakfast cereal, bread, bagel, tortilla, carrots, and all fruit juices.

    What the Experts Say About The Zone Diet
    The Zone diet draws mixed reviews from nutrition experts. Researchers at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which rated several fad diets, recently put it on their acceptable list, unlike Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, Sugar Busters!, The ‘ Diet, and Protein Power. “If you ignore the scientific rhetoric, the diet isn’t bad,” says Bonnie Lieberman nutrition director for the center’s publication, Nutrition Action Health letter. As a caveat, she points out the diet restricts carbohydrates more than necessary. “You are getting carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables on the diet, but a lot of the science is bunk,” she says. What she likes is that the diet is relatively easy to follow: “You have a piece of protein the size of your palm, and you fill the rest of your plate up with fruits and vegetables.”

  5. kate says:

    OMG! You should try this! I’ve tried many different way to lose my weight, but nothing worked untill I found this amazing way! I lost 9 pounds in just 11 days! It totally worked for me! I highly recommend it!

  6. Guadalupe says:

    I tried many different method to lose my weight, but nothing worked untill I got this amazing method. It works just amazing and I lost my weight fast after I got right method. I lost 14 pounds in one month and it was so fast. If you are really serious and really want to lose weight you should check this out. You can get info here http://wloss58.notlong.com

  7. ashley marie says:

    do the 30 day shred. it should kick start your body plus you’ll get great results.

  8. Merle says:

    Try the Forever Nutri-Lean system. I’ve been in this program and I don’t think I hit a plateau. You can check this site out: http://bewellbuddy.com/nutri-lean-chocolate

    It’s really healthy because it has Aloe Vera drinks in it and Aloe Vera is the top herb for healthy immune systems.

  9. Stacy-here says:

    Fat Loss 4 Idiots – Well, I would imagine that people are waiting with baited breath for the answer to that question. To begin, you must look at what does not work. When you have eliminated all the rubbish, you will arrive at the best possible answers for fat loss.

    Food Diet

    The internet and television are full of particular food diets. The green tea diet, grapefruit diet, acai berry and thousands more. You have celebrities and talk show hosts singing the praises of these wonderful new diets. However there seems to be a problem, they are impossible to stick with and they are dangerous to boot.

    To get to where the rubber meets the road let us speak frankly. Who in their right mind wants to spend the rest of their life eating the same thing? My guess is no one! You may be thinking that is true but you do not have to remain on the diet for life. Okay but then what happens when you go back to eating the way you were before the diet? You gain all the fat back and it usually brings along a few friends.

    The other end of this spectrum involves cutting out only one or two food groups. This may be a little easier to swallow, but it still has a problem. The human body requires certain types of foods to be healthy. When you take one of them completely away, you reduce the body’s efficiency or worse.

    Your body needs carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals in order to function the way it was designed to. Therefore, all the above diets should be thrown in the garbage where they belong.

    Diet Pills

    Eat whatever you want and still lose fat, have you seen this commercial? Have you ever asked yourself what that kind of diet pill must be doing in your system to achieve that?

  10. zagham says:

    The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight has Nothing to Do With Your Will-Power, Over-Eating or the Right Diet! … The Reason You are Fat and Unhealthy is Because You Have Disgusting Plaque and Horrible Little ‘CRITTERS’ Living in Your Guts!”

    “…And Now I’m Going to Show You How to Get Rid of All of It so You Can Shed 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs even 100 lbs or more – and Keep It Off FOREVER!!”

    i suggest u one program which u can try if it is good for use it u will bennifit from it hope will b smarter soooon
    site search from google or dirkt link

  11. Hank says:

    When my wife and I plateaued after exercising and dieting we went to this witch that all my friends swear by. She cast a spell to increase our metabolism and it worked! I would recommend her every day of the week! We used http://www.witchcraft-magic-spells.com

  12. rll9666 says:

    I am 22 yo and I lost 50lbs in just one month by following the tips found on this site: http://www.how-to-loose-weight.net
    They offer some of the best advice you can get in one single place.
    Go check it out!
    Wish you luck in your diet!

  13. Lemuel M says:

    you need to turbo charge your metabolism!

    this may help http://7a5869nj8h9nar9ptmv55z0kdq.hop.clickbank.net/

  14. Diana says:

    Check out the http://www.TheMuchBetterDiet.info diet which is a real good healthy diet regime book ,and where you are also doing exercises this will speed up the weight loss process , you should check it out its only a $ 5 for the first book

    Good Luck .

  15. Hari H says:

    Start with incline at zero and speed at a comfortable pace (walking or jogging). Perceived Exertion (PE)=Level 5 (see Perceived Exertion Scale).
    1 Minute: Raise incline one or more percent every 15 seconds. PE=5-6
    1 Minute: Reduce the incline one percent every fifteen seconds. PE=6-7
    3 Minutes: Walk or jog at a steady pace. PE=5
    Repeat entire cycle for 30 or more minutes
    Approximate calories burned: 320(based on 140 lb person)

    Elliptical Trainer Using manual program, enter workout time as 30 minutes and choose appropriate level
    6 Minutes: Set ramps (if option) and resistance levels at medium level. PE=5
    2 Minutes: Set ramps at highest level and increase resistance every 30 seconds. PE=6-8
    2 Minutes: Lower ramps and resistance to comfortable level. PE=5
    6 minutes: Set ramps and resistance to medium and go backwards. PE=5-6
    Repeat entire cycle for remaining time
    Calories Burned: 250-300 (based on 140 lb person)

  16. JohnT says:

    Hi, I had lost 10kg in my first 2 month, this is how i do it.

    The 10 Proof Weight Loss Rules that will DEFINITELY help you lose your weight easily, in minimal time and without the stress!

    Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to lose weight quickly, and it’s in tune with the way our bodies work! Here are the 10 rules:

    • Rule 1 – Manipulate Calories: Forget the low calorie rubbish the
    media has pushed down our throats for donkey’s years! If that worked, nobody would be fat! The first rule of weight loss is to manipulate the calories you consume. In other words, you need to rotate your protein and carbohydrate foods every day to see real weight lossresults FAST! All it takes is just a little jumbling of the foods you already eat each day so your body burns more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 2 – Eat 4 Meals Each Day: If you want to lose weight, be sure to eat 4 meals each day and separate each meal by at least 2 ½ hours. What counts is the amount of calories you eat in each meal asopposed to your daily calorie count. By eating 4 meals each day, you are forcing your body to burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 3 – Prepare Your Meals at Home: You guessed it – restaurants
    and cafes load your food up with a whole lot of tasty stuff that might
    taste great, but adds pounds! When you prepare your own food,
    you control what goes in and what stays out! Prepare your meals
    at home and your body will burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 4 – Rotation of Foods: In rule 1, we say you need to
    manipulate calories and you do that by rotating your protein and
    carb foods according to our custom schedule. Our schedule was developed as a direct response to how our bodies work, and by
    following our food rotation routine, your body has no choice but to burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 5 – Plain Food is Better: The plainer your meals are, generally
    the more it will help you in your quest for weight loss. Unfortunately,
    tasty means fatty, and that goes for low fat foods too! Avoid thecondiments and force your body to burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 6 – Know When to STOP: You have to know when to stop
    eating at the right time. There is a simple, easy way of knowing
    when to stop eating, and that is when you feel satisfied. It’s good
    to feel just a little bit hungry when you down the knife and fork, and by doing so, your body will burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 7 – Beverages: The rule is to drink only beverages that have
    10 calories or less per glass. Diet sodas, water, iced tea, low calorie coffee and other low calorie drinks are fine. Stick to 10 calories or less
    for your drinks, and your body will burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 8 – Drinking Water to Burn Fat: Maximize your weight loss
    by drinking at least 10 glasses of water per day! Even if you drink
    other beverages, you still need at least 10 glasses. Start downing the water and your body has no choice but to burn fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 9 – Walking: The media may have screamed, “Exercise until you DROP!” but it is officially the case that to lose weight, excessive
    exercise is OUT! All it takes is two 30 minute sessions of walking
    per day (and not the flat out walking that makes you huff and
    puff!), seven days per week. Do this, and your body will burn more
    fat – anybody can do it!

    • Rule 10 – Stop looking for “Fat-Free” Foods and Avoid the Sweet Stuff: Contrary to what the media has said, “fat-free” can still make
    you fat if it’s too sweet, because sugar makes you fat! Cut out the fat-
    free cakes, fat-free candy, fat-free chocolate – it will make you fat! Eliminate the fat-free, sweet foods from your diet and eat only
    foods that are low in sugar. Stick to this rule, and your body will burn more fat – anybody can do it!

    Wish you success in your weight loss ….

  17. trish says:

    There are ways to eat your food that will allow you to lose weight. For example, instead of eating three big meals, you can eat smaller portions and split it up into four meals. This would keep your body working and improve your metabolism rate. You can check out http://www.weightloss-blackbook.com for more information

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