What is a good diet to follow for weight loss?

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Question by : What is a good diet to follow for weight loss?
I am a 5 ft 2 female, and I weigh 172 pounds. I would like to loose 23 pounds by December, and then take it from there. What is a good diet to follow to achieve this weight loss goal?

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Answer by Caleb
Alright here we go.

Make sure that you are getting a lot of protein in your first meal, also make sure that meal is no longer than thirty minutes after you wake up. Try and make it around 20-30grams of protein in the morning: this will jump start your metabolism right off the start.

Stay away from white flour: keep it whole grain(wheat flour) ex. whole wheat bread, whole wheat noodles, etc.

Stay away from sugary drinks: pop, sweetened tea, sweetened carbonated water, and coffee if you are the kind of person that puts tons of creamer and sugar.

Drink tones of water.

Have one day a week where you go crazy and eat whatever you want if you need to. Sometimes this can help with the monotony of being on a diet.

I hope this helps.

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