What is a balanced vegan diet plan for weight loss?

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Question by : What is a balanced vegan diet plan for weight loss?
I am a female vegan, 5’7 and 135 pounds. I am not overweight, but I would like to lose about 5 pounds, maybe a little more. I need a good balanced diet plan or at least some meal suggestions. So if you have a good weight loss plan please write it in a Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack format pleeeeeease! Thank you!

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In general, you want to stay in the produce aisle. You need some grain and legume for protein but only in controlled portions.

Breakfast: Oatmeal (from the round box) with fresh fruit and some almond milk to drink is nutrient rich and satisfying for your hunger, and yummy! Add some molasses to your oatmeal if you want some extra iron.

Lunch: A huge mixed green salad with crunchy raw veggies. Try to get a variety of colors to increase nutrition. Dress your salad with olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper. You can prep some a grain or some pasta if you like, and dump it into your salad if you like…will make it more filling.

Dinner: How bout some rice and lentils? You can cook them in water or veggie stock. Add a fresh carrot, some cabbage or broccoli, some bay leaves, some Italian seasoning, some salt and pepper. This can be either gloppy like mac and cheese, or you can thin it out for a soup.

Snacks: fruit and veggie snacks are always okay. You can also enjoy a glass of non-dairy milk, or a cup of tea.

There are also all kind of meat substitute products. I don’t know their nutrition values and calories because I don’t eat them.

In my opinion, that is a tiny amount of weight. You could get rid of that weight by cutting way back on your fav junk food, or by working out a little more. You would not need to get on a very strict meal plan at all.

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  1. saas says:

    keep yoga

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