What do you recommend for a weight-loss supplement?

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Question by amm531: What do you recommend for a weight-loss supplement?
I am trying to lose weight (30-40lbs), I currently work out 4 times a week and burn around 1,000 calories each work out session. I have lost a significant amount of weight before but have gained some of it back, I am at 255 now.

I have looked into Clinicallix, Lipofuze and smiler’s like it. I have also looked at Alli but i don’t think its for me. What are your recommendations for a weight-loss supplement?

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Answer by John
I personally take an acai berry supplement. It has helped with food cravings but still if I dont watch it I will overeat. Make sure to drink plenty of water and take a regular vitamin as well.

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  1. Giovanni says:

    Burning up calories was much simpler for me when I started using acai berry. I know they say that pills don’t work, nevertheless they certainly worked for me, and they’ve been shown on CNN too. There is a free trial going on right now at http://dapows.bestslimming4you.info , give it a try, how worse could it make things?

  2. DeweyWatermelon says:

    Honestly, I really don’t recommend pills. They usually have caffeine in it. You can just get that from coffee, which has a similar effect that it helps to curb your apetite to a degree. I don’t recommend Starbucks coffee though, just home coffee. If you have the money to spend it on pills, I recommend weight watchers. You eat your normal food and they teach you how to do it. You don’t have to buy any food from them like I think Jenny Craig does. Find out more information about them before you really spend it on pills. If I were to recommend a more natural supplement, it’d be Vitamin B-12 or B-Complex. It helps metabolize food and lowers your stress levels making you less likely to anxiously eat. I know it’s seems like a desperate situation at times, but the slower you lose weight, the better you keep it off allowing your body time to adjust.

  3. Thomas "Oddball" Jones says:

    Here are some great options:
    Holy Basil – the most revered of all the Ayruvedic herbs Holy Basil is not related to the basil we grow in our gardens. Also known as Tulsi, Holy Basil has been used to lower elevated cortisol and regulate blood sugar.
    Ashwagandha – the herb that has been shown to increase energy and mental alertness during the day has also been shown in research to help you sleep better at night.
    Shatavari – means a woman with a thousand husbands. This should give you an idea of how effective it is for building energy,
    Dong Quai is also called Angelica sinsensis and is said to be the “queen” of herbs for balancing a women hormones. Interestingly, it is also used by men to improve the health of their prostrate gland. It creates energy and yet is calming.
    These are to reduce stress, to recover fully from excercise you need to reduce stress, these limit Cortisol a bad hormone that makes the body store more fat. I would only take one or two, to take more would be redundant and expensive. I like Ashwagandha best.

  4. Shaun says:

    I’ve been one of those people that were chubby all my life. I tried every diet plan that came along. A couple months ago I saw a friend of mine that I han’t seen in over six months. She had lost over 40 lbs and looked amazing. I started following her plan and I’ve dropped 17 lbs in 3 weeks. You can read about her plan at http://ow.ly/1tU9a.

  5. Dragonwind says:

    Go to this website this is my personal video blogs. I talk about this diet that I’m on and how it works I think this would help you out becuase it involves eating healthier and loosing weight. Plus it suppresses hunger while your own it.The first Time I did it I lost 18 pounds in 23 days so I figured this might interest you its very safe and video blogs are proof of it.Let me know if you have any questions

  6. Sanchit says:

    Hey U actually don’t need to work that hard for loosing weight. I am not joking, there are loads of foodstuffs available by which you will start losing weight and gain your abs back.
    I too was suffering from the same problem a few months back, and i was so fat that i couldn’t even do crunches. Just try this program that i came through and it will definately help you.
    I swear by it.
    Just tell me if you liked it or not

  7. powe t says:

    Hoodia is a weight loss supplement that has attracted a lot of attention.

  8. Scott K says:

    The best I have run into from personal experience is Mandura Trim. I know a few people on it now and they have all had good success with it. Mandura also had a nutritional fruit beverage which will help you get your daily fruit and vegetable intake in as well. Both products are all-natural which will keep most of your concerns away. Since I’ve seen what these products do, I actually started to sell for Mandura. If you have any questions, you can email me at hometownhelping@yahoo.com I can help ya understand the products or just help you with traditional weight loss questions.

    Visit http://www.gojuicego.mandurarep.com to check out the products or just email me and we can talk.


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