What do I need to start up a weight loss center?

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Question by jmk_jenmarie: What do I need to start up a weight loss center?
I’m currently enrolled in a fitness and nutrition program from which I will receive a diploma. I would like to use that to start a weight loss coaching center. What I’m wondering is if there are any certifications, licenses or hidden hurdles I need to be aware of while I’m still in the planning stages. I’m thinking legally I need to have something in place to protect myself from potential lawsuits. This is a new feild for me so any information is appreciated.

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Answer by surffsav
To “start up a weight loss center” you need fat clients.

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3 Responses to “What do I need to start up a weight loss center?”
  1. Gypsianna P says:

    I dunno about licensing and stuff but marketing your center towards really overweight people or at least having a “special” class for those who are over 50 pounds overweight would be a great idea. Look around you and see who is overweight and most are at least that over. Put fliers on cars at those all you can eat buffet places and help people change their lives.

  2. jamie t says:

    First you need money.
    Then you need fat people.

    money + fat people = more money

    but seriously if you incorporate your business, the business assumes all liability and risk if there is a lawsuit.

  3. Big Feet says:

    Fat People and lots of patience!!!

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