What causes loose skin after weight loss?

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Question by : What causes loose skin after weight loss?
If the weight loss is done naturally, with diet and exercise, will there be loose skin as well?

Is it possible to know beforehand if I will end up with loose skin after losing weight?

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Answer by Elizabeth
In order to not get loose skin, u must add weights to ur cardio so u can tone as u shed lbs.

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  1. aquarivadream says:

    Everyone’s skin differs in it’s elasticity. For example there are millions of women who have been pregnant and lost the baby weight but not the loose skin. There are more millions who follow fad diets only to lose weight and gain it all back with more. In these two groups alone, you will find a fair number have loose skin but that skin still has fat underneath. If the focus of the weight loss was to lose just any weight at all, they likely didn’t focus on maintaining and building muscle. I’m not saying to take up bodybuilding. All you need is literally 30 minutes of strength or weight training 2 or 3 times a week in addition to whatever other types of exercise you enjoy doing. Aim for an hour daily.

    There are cosmetic surgeries that can eliminate it and the scars might fade, but I would not recommend that unless you have an extreme amount of loose skin or you are constantly bothered by it. It does not matter if the weight is lost by surgery or by personal effort. Loose skin is a possibility for many people who lose weight by any means but is much more likely to occur when more muscle is lost than fat. Do not allow this to happen and you stand a greater chance of being firm and flab free.

    Your skin has fat immediately underneath. If you can pull or stretch your skin on a couple of different parts of your body, you have fat underneath. While we need fat to function, it can cause us physical and mental distress. Whatever your weight loss goal is, be sure to develop a healthy plan and stick with it. It takes time to gain and it takes time to lose. If you are losing muscle, you are losing a calorie/fat burning tool that works for you even when you are sitting on your duff. I learned this from nutritionists while training at an elite training center for competitive figure skaters many years ago. But the average person just wants to lose and they don’t care how. If you pay attention to how, you will be much happier with the end results.

    The best bet is to make sure you GAIN MUSCLE and do not lose muscle while you are working towards you weight loss goals. I wrote an article that goes more in depth about the proper way to lose weight and have provided a link.

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