What are your best tips for weight loss success?

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Question by Anonymous: What are your best tips for weight loss success?
I’m looking for some new weight loss tips, I work out regularly and I’ve cut out excess white sugar and complex carbs, how have you successfully lost weight?

Please, no advice if it hasn’t worked for you or someone you personally know 🙂

Thanks ahead of time for your answers, and I’ll be sure to pick a best answer to give those points!

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Answer by MAC
Use a smaller plate.

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5 Responses to “What are your best tips for weight loss success?”
  1. Michelle says:

    Drinks lots and lots of water.
    Try eating more throughout the day in smaller portions, this gets your metabolism going faster and promotes weight loss.
    Don’t eat late at night, because your body won’t digest the food as much while you sleep which causes weight gain.
    Every other day (if you have time) try doing some type of cardio. Whether it’s running, uphill walking, jogging, stair climbing, bicycling.. these all increase your metabolism.
    If you need more energy weight loss pills can actually help in moderation, and maybe start drinking a meal replacement shake as a snack before or after a workout to get the essential proteins and vitamins you need.
    I hope these help, I’ve tried all of them and lost 10 pounds in the past month. Good luck =]

  2. Drifter says:

    well if you work out regularly and cut out sugar and carbs, you should be all set. So where’s the big mystery? LoL. For me, I stopped drinking soda, eating fast food, etc completely and did a lot of walking every day and over the course of about 4 months lost over 50 lbs.

  3. bamboo says:

    For me, weight maintenance, while not a struggle, requires a routine. I do not work out. I hate exercise. I do however walk to where I need to go when necessary, consume a food group rich with protein, ie: fish, eggs, cottage cheese, lo sugar non fat yogurt,whole grain breads, baked potatoes, green leafy veggies, turnips, mustard’s, collard, lean beef, occasional pork steak, asian veggies, green peppers stuffed with lean hamburger brown rice, flavored with garlic, salt and pepper, and baked with tomato sauce, cabbage rolls stuffed with the same meat/rice combo. Shishkabobs are fun, easy to make, I love sliced tomatoes, and raw fruit. I have been maintaining my weight of 130# for years with little difficulty. I avoid ice creams, most sweets, but do indulge in an occasional donut. Anyone can do this. Rationalization is not acceptable. Oh, and a light beer or two once a week.

  4. transformation02 says:

    I wish you had posted your present workout plan, but I can give you some tips to get you too the next phase of fitness.

    If you can do LISS(low intensity steady state), early morning easy walking, even on a treadmill for 40mins on an empty stomach, you will burn fat, while holding onto your LBM(lean body mass), which is the key for you to burning fat. Always remember, if you do cardio and weights correctly, you will hold onto LBM, so you can burn fat. If you do things like run on a day you lift weights, you will burn up muscle, a no no, so always choose LISS early morning and 20mins after weights. If you want to run, or do run intervals,only run on days you don’t lift weights…..so again, you hold onto muscle.

    For meals, you should be eating 5-6meals per day, protein/carbs/healthy fats(I wonder why you cut out complex carbs?) They are what supports energy building for LBM, along with protein and healthy fats…..so you boost your metabolism all day. You need to have the proper ratios to support LBM. Eat things like lean steak, grilled chicken breast, tuna, 1-yolk with 2 whites, toast, oatmeal, potatoes, cheerios, olive oil lightly drizzeled over your salad, 4 walnuts, danon light yogurt….with these choices, you can form 5-6 small meals or 2 as snacks easily!

    If you can eat properly to support LBM, and ignore the scale weight, you will look terrific! The above are some of the rules and tips I use for my clients for success! With all my clients, they learn that the scale moves slowly or not at all, or sometimes they gain, but that is because their muscle to fat ratio is so high, and muscle weighs more, but they lose inches and feel great, and need to buy new clothes!

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

  5. jwh00000 says:

    It works fast

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