What are the nutrients that are necessary for weight loss?

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Question by Special Kay: What are the nutrients that are necessary for weight loss?
I have decided to replace one meal a day with freshly squeezed juice. I would like to make sure that the replaced meal is full of nutrients and vitamins, and will promote weight loss.
1. What nutrients are a necessity?
2. What fruits and veggies contain these vitamins?

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Answer by Nathan H
I would recommend going ahead an making sure you are on a good multi-vitamin which should have most of what you need. The juice diets are deficient in some of the b vitamins, so make sure you are getting plenty of those.

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2 Responses to “What are the nutrients that are necessary for weight loss?”
  1. Andry H says:

    I recommend to have a lot of oranges, bananas,apples,carrots and pineapple.

  2. knicname says:

    Why not try whey protein meal replacement that are usually fortified with nutrients.

    Omega 3 fish oils help to lose fat. Take 2000-3000 mg/day.
    Green Tea Extracts especially help white adipose fat (stomache fat.
    Take a high dose vitamin/mineral formula with beta carotene, Vit. C,Vit D3 600mg. Vit E 400IUs 2X/day, B6 100mg; B12 100mg, folic acid 400mg, Selenium 200 mg, zinc 50mg,
    Calcium 500mg 2X/day, Magnesium 500mg

    Dark green vegetable; red, blue, purple fruits are highest in nutrients including antioxidants; citrus fruits.

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