What are some well working drug store weight loss pills?

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Question by : What are some well working drug store weight loss pills?
Please don’t tell me that weight loss pills DON’T work. I’m not looking for something that will make me lose 10 pounds in a week. I’m starting to eat healthy excersise but I’d like to also add some diet pills into the mix to help me lose about 4 or 5 pounds a week!
Btw girl who left the 2nd comment, I clearly stated that I am NOT trying to loose 10 pounds in a week. Maybe next time you should read it correctly before giving your opinion. Thanks!

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Answer by Rgd Gdrg
none of them work trust me, just drink water, lots of it, eat healthy, and do cardio. Only way. I lost 100lb

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2 Responses to “What are some well working drug store weight loss pills?”
  1. ΚΑΛΛΊΣΤῌ says:

    You can’t lose ten pounds in a week, lmao! But mega t green tea pill is a good supplement to AIDE in weight loss, not cause it by itself. Or just drink regular green tea, i’ve been drinking it daily for less than a month. It curbs my appetite and i’ve lost 8 pounds.

    Hahah, My bad I read it wrong, chill out girl. We get hundred of questions like that here everyday so i assumed thats what you were asking. Sorry 🙂

  2. lori says:

    have you heard about the hcg diet..im looking into starting it..if u look into it let me know ..im trying to find a good source to buy hcg from because there are sooo many places selling it.

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