What are some good websites for weight loss?

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Question by FavoredbyU: What are some good websites for weight loss?
I’m not looking for diet plans, just websites that encourage and inspire weight loss.

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  1. purple rain says:

    http://www.caloriesperhour.com. This site is awesome. It has all kinds of stuff on there……

  2. pretty_in_pink says:

    this might help you.

  3. Ginkgo says:

    Below website teaches you all about how foods affect your body making it easier to be thin. It teaches how to develop new, good habits so staying thin will not take hardly any any effort.

    It has a whole different way of dealing with this since current teachings of our society on this has made obesity (according to Atlantic Monthly) the #1 health problem in the world replacing hunger and infectious disease. Isn’t that terrible that while many cannot afford to buy enough food, our extra money is killing us and ruining our health?

  4. Rickster says:

    Viewing a website does not burn calories.
    The website isnt going to lose that weight for you.
    If you really want to lose weight you know what you need to do. You don’t need a website to tell you what to do for you.

  5. G N says:

    Here are some weight loss articles which would be of your help:

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    Helpful Tips to lose weight

    The Best Weight Loss Program

    Sleep well and Lose weight

    10 tips to maximize your metabolism.

    7 Things you need to know about losing fat

    6 dieting tips to lose weight

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