What about fruit promote weight loss? Will a healthy diet and eating a lot of fruit help weight loss?

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Question by Steeplechaser: What about fruit promote weight loss? Will a healthy diet and eating a lot of fruit help weight loss?
I eat 3 meals a day but I eat A LOT of fruit instead of snacks. I pick at apples, bananas, grapes and other fruits all day long. Can this simply help me lose weight? What is fruit helps the weight loss process?

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Answer by Thesquare:)
It sure can. Fruits completely healthy and safe. Some people might tell you not to eat so much fruit, and to eat more vegetables, but you’re just fine.
There are such things as fruititarians.

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11 Responses to “What about fruit promote weight loss? Will a healthy diet and eating a lot of fruit help weight loss?”
  1. Yusuf Tailor says:

    This may help

  2. Allison Thomas says:

    It is very important to take not only fruits but also veggies for weight loss and healthy leaving. keep doing it will see the results. i have placed a like i read about the importance of fruits and veggies for your weight loss. good luck . . . don’t ever give up.

  3. Jefferson Butler says:

    Losing weight is a huge problem for all, male or female, a little help goes a long way. A friend of mine is using this website and is having great success with it, hope this helps. Good Luck

  4. Johana Johnston says:

    I have been looking into a program I found called Burn the fat feed the muscle, it’s by Tom Venuto who was 7 times natural body building world champion.
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    The concept seems very interesting and the best part is, you don’t have to go out and buy lots of supplements or fat burning pills or even enrol into you local gym,
    Its all about eating the right foods for your body, your metabolism and body is different to mine so what might work for me may not work for you, So this program will help you discover what is best for you, it not just a One Diet Fits All.

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  5. Marco Stephens says:

    Hi (askername),

    I understand the problems you’ve gone through trying to lose weight. My sister’s friend Shannon was in the same situation as you and nothing worked for her until she came across this program about three months ago. Now she’s absolutely over the moon and losing the pounds steadily. Maybe this could be right for you too.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

  6. Regina Green says:

    Weight loss can be hard. But you need support.

    I have gone to over eaters anymous for 3 years and have found the people to be
    very supportive.

    Also, I had my doctor design a food plan for me and I have lost over 60 pounds.

  7. Malia Ford says:

    Here is me 2 cents,I recommend to only weigh you self once a month, gaining weight and losing fat can go hand and hand, muscle increases while you burn fat. So you may notice you fit better in to your jeans or shirt. Also depends on water retention, did you take any supplements, or last time you weigh your self it was in the morning and maybe this time it was at night. So it all depends. But don’t beat your self up about it. If you are eating right and working out you will see results. So put the scale away and maybe even take a picture every 30days and weight your self also and you will notice the difference. Hit me up on my youtube account if you have any questions or would like me to help you achieve your goal. Peace


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  8. Dayton Brown says:

    Losing weight or just keeping it off has always been tough for me so I can relate to your question. I just found a blog that offers a lot of really good advice on dieting and weight issues. I have just started receiving info from these folks and I have found it useful. You may want to check them out.

    Good Luck and hope this helps

  9. ? says:

    Now a day nothing free really work
    You should pay to get results

  10. Edgars Gulbis says:

    Everything you need to do that fast and without any pills!!! http://weightlossdiet-tips.com/

  11. Jim Rice says:

    Many of us have come to believe that eating healthier means eating lots of fruits and vegetables. My experiences and research have led me to believe that too much fruit can be harmful to your health. Read my full answer on my blog at:


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