weight loss?

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weight loss
by Newbirth35

Question by Josh: weight loss?
okay, so I know almost everything there is to know about losing weight effectively. I love to give advice to people on how to lose weight. Am I in good shape? Hellz no! I am 50 lbs overweight and 21 years old in college. I know all this stuff about losing weight, yet I cannot apply to myself. Why am I not strong enough to do this? I can barely resist eating. I love food so much. Taco bell, pizza, quesadillas, hot pockets, cola, the list goes on. I am addicted to food, I eat when I’m not hungry because I crave the taste of it. I have asked for the strength to resist these temptations but to no avail. It seems hopeless that I will ever be average weight. I dont’ need weight loss advice per se…I need ways to become strong enough to resist my strongest temptations…any suggestions?
I should mention that I do get up off my butt and try to stay active, I’m not that lazy, it’s just that the amount of calories I am able to consumer is far more I can burn off at my activity level, in the shape I am in, I can’t do extremely heavy workouts, in fact running hurts my legs, any kind of weight training will deal a lot of pain, right now, I basically try to walk a lot, because it’s basicall what I can do right now without noticing bad side effects.

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Answer by itskind2bcruel
You need to go to therapy to find out what the underlying cause may be. it has to be more than a craving…maybe a hormone imbalance or something medically or mentally out of whack. you need to start exercising and eat fresh fruits/vegies, berries and fiber when you want to eat the junk food. occupy your time with reading, walking, hanging out with friends, etc. attend church. having God on your side always helps.

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2 Responses to “weight loss?”
  1. hikerrick2002 says:

    Don’t worry about the eating. You can eat what you want. Just get off your
    and exercise. Take a Tae kwon do class, swim, bike. It doesn’t matter what you do just do something.

  2. tia says:

    well like i say to others just eat on meal a day and try going with out dinner for one day and sit in a real hot bath for in hour and u will lose weight and try eating some furits and stuf like that and then yay!!!! for u hope it helps u

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