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Learning weight loss yoga.(You can choose from some of the best Yoga Mats )

Yoga is a Hindu discipline consisting of a system of exercises and some times meditative practices to promote control of your body and mind with the objective of achieving the perfect state of body and mind and spiritual insight in some cases. There are many styles of Yoga, and these styles mostly respond to the focus of the exercises, for example, some may focus more on fast paced exercises, others more in the connection between breathing and the exercise and so forth.

Sometimes it is not easy to identify what is the focus of a particular style of yoga, especially by the name since Hindu words are used to name them, but some are as simple as Red Yoga of Hot Yoga for example, so if you need to know what they are just searching the names on the internet and you will find plenty of information about them.

While searching on the internet for specific weight loss yoga exercises I found a series of exercises you may be interested in. There is a Hindu Guru, his name is Swami Namdev Baba, he teaches a multitude of yoga exercises to address many illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, high blood sugar, etc., including obesity.

Swami Namdev Baba performs all his exercises free for the masses, including the weight loss yoga ones, he is taped weekly at his yoga camps and he is shown on Hindu TV, some estimates put his followers around the world in the hundreds of millions.

The exercises he recommends for weight loss are:

1. KapalBhati
2. Bhastrika
3. Baharya
4. Anulom Vilom
5. Bhramri
6. Udgeeth

Kapalbhati is the most popular one and it is a series of breading like exercises while moving the muscles of your stomach strongly, these series of exercises can be safely practiced at home and even in public places while you have breaks, they are not invasive or require a lot of extremities movement.

These weight loss yoga exercises need to be done right, so I recommend to follow them from Swami himself, you can search the names of the exercises on the internet, or if you would like search to watch Swami live on Hindu TV on weekends.

Also, there are multiple sites that sell his weight loss yoga video CD’s or DVD’s, again here, just search for them on the internet.

While researching I found interesting testimonials, many people that follow the exercises report a feeling of being satisfied on their stomachs after the practice and Swami performed in New York and New Jersey where people volunteered to be weighted before and after the yoga camps, some reported an amazing weight loss of 1 to 5 pounds.

None of these exercises alone will make you lose weight regardless of what you eat, in fact, Swami also promotes a healthy diet, he is practically vegetarian and I found the portions a bit extreme for our western style of living, however, I thought these exercises could be another weapon in your arsenal when it comes to losing weight.

I hope you find this information helpful, good luck in your search, better one in your journey!

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