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Question by p.richards96: WEIGHT LoSS?
I’m in my late teens and I’m trying to loose weight. I’m 5’7” and was at 211 lbs before I started my changing my diet. I’ve been doing that since January 6th..I am currently at 192lbs..oh yes! I’ve still got a lot to do but I could use some encouragement. How’s my weight loss progressing?

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Answer by leneiaann
HIGH FIVE!! That’s so funny.. I was at 210! I weigh 170 now, and still on the roll. It’s tough… but DON’T GIVE UP! Remember it’s a lifestyle change. Do you do cardio? It gives you so much energy!!

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  1. screw the rules says:

    sounds like you are doing a great job and making really good progress
    keep eating less and moving more and you’ll get to your goal before you know it!

  2. Maris says:

    You are doing fantastic! Congratulations – that is excellent progress!

    I’m a bit older than you, and was having a really tough time changing my diet – so I started Jenny Craig last week – so far – so good. I hope I catch up to your weight loss!

    Great job!

  3. A D says:

    Sounds like youre goig at a good rate! A healthy goal is about 2-3 lbs a week.

  4. Question Queen Misses Aaliyah says:

    Put up a picture of a celeb like Jessica Alba & hang it on your friedge. Remind yourself EVERY day that you wanna get your body like her (before pregnancy).

  5. ELAiNEâ„¢ says:

    man oh man. you are my hero. i wish i had the self-control that you do. everytime i try and go on a diet (which my doctor and trainer say that i’m fine…i’m 13 years old, 5’9, and 153lbs.) i give up in a day or too, cuz i cant take not having my regular food. but they all say that i am almost underweight, because i am so tall. i am supposed to be between 155 and 175.
    anyways…you are awesome, and i bet you look great!!
    keep at it!! just think, bathing suit season is coming up, and you wanna get just the right, most flattering bathing suit.

    good luck 🙂

  6. Silkandsatin says:

    Keep up the good work sweetie!

  7. Oh My God! says:

    marvelous! i will post this question to my wife and tell how the young people are taking good care about their health! may u loss more weight and gain more inner peace and beauty!
    good luck and good going!

  8. honey senpai ♥ Unicorn Club says:

    thats awesome!!! ♥ *hugs* u cen do it!! omigosh we lost the same amount of weight! im on a diet too, ive lost 19 pounds also n_n keep drinkin water! 30 minutes of exercise each day! lots of salad an tuna! u cen do it!

  9. feevette says:

    You Go girl!

    chenge up your routine a little…the more you change your daily activies the more you will notice weight loss….dont stick to one plan for too long…your body will get too use to it and you will plateau….YOU CAN DO IT=p

  10. Kenyatta A says:

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