wEiGhT LoSs!?!?!?!?!?

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weight loss
by jackiebese

Question by : wEiGhT LoSs!?!?!?!?!?
Hey im 11 and 5’3…i weigh 140lbs…is this normal
And i have belly fat and io wanna loose weight
how can i loose like 5-10lbs in like a couple of days….
so what foods,exercises,games and diets will work
plz help
i will continue it after the couple of days too

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Answer by Chloe
its only a little over the healthy meter, try the 17 day diet! works really well 🙂

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4 Responses to “wEiGhT LoSs!?!?!?!?!?”
  1. Crystal Johnson says:

    Its not as bad but limit junk food and gresy food cause that cause the belly fats and maintain a daily routin to go running even if its only 20mins a day u gota work at it .losin 5 pounds isnt somethin u can do in 2days u can do it in a week tho if u eat healthy and exercise:)

  2. Meenir-Cradien says:

    Healthy eating in the form of more fruit and veg, limit take aways/fast food/sweets etc. I think you should weigh yourself weekly and give yourself one day of the diet where you can be relaxed about your food choices because I understand 13 is too young to have to watch yourself like that, but all you need to lose is 5-10lbs so you haven’t a long way to go! And of course, exercise is so important every day. It can be anything once it gets you into a sweat- walking/swimming etc.

  3. Noto Politics says:

    You are too young and I am sure little exercise and healthy food will help you out. You need not to concerned much.
    Just get up early have little warming up and slowly move to exercises. Later take breakfast, never miss it. It is the most important part of meal.
    Try to walk as much as you can. And avoid over eating.
    I would not suggest you to take diet pills but if you want to loose quickly prefer using natural pills because it has no side effects. It can easily found on internet. Just search for it and compare well before paying for the one you choose.
    I am giving you one such link, hope it will help you.

  4. Scott Malin says:

    Remember that there is 3500 calories in a pound of fat. That means it is almost impossible to lose 5-10 pounds in just a few days. And honestly, it wouldn’t be healthy. But, one great trick that works really well is to completely cut salt out of your diet. You will probably lose 3-5 pounds of water weight in just a few days. Granted, it won’t be fat you’ve lost, but it will definitely help.

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