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weight loss
by robertstinnett

Question by Wolfe: Weight-loss?
I’ve lost about 58 pounds now, and I think I may have reached the limit as to how much weight I can lose. It really

How do I get over this “hump”?

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Answer by Raikou
get lipulsucked

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10 Responses to “Weight-loss?”
  1. Daryl M says:

    Hump? You should get that cheched by the doctor

  2. zebrazoo says:

    Up your water into to double what you are taking in now. It will help just start you again. It worked for me.

  3. kitkatbee0303 says:

    maybe you should try not to lose anymore but keep eating healthy and excersizeing not to lose weight just to be healthy and stuff

  4. Andrew B says:

    as long as your happy with the way you look, the scales don’t mean a thing, i lost 30 pounds in 2months. Just do whatever satisfies you

  5. Yvette k says:

    OH you have to increase the intensity of your workouts!!! I hate getting to the “HUMP”. I had a baby about 1 year ago and I am still working on losing the weight I will lose like 5 pounds and get stuck…then I will push myself harder and start losing weight again its like cycle…Oh By the way..congrats on losing 58 pounds that is quite the accomplishment…Ive only lost like 15…any tips you can give me??

  6. vsta says:

    andrew b how did u lose that much weight so fat? please tell

  7. beebee says:

    change what your eating and change your excise routine to shock your body out of same old same old,And put some lemon juice in water to drink first thing in the morning to help with your metabolism.

  8. johnnykay650251 says:


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  9. alexs464 says:

    http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-lose-weight-easily – advice from this site helped me lose 35 lbs in 6 weeks. My friend lost over 75lbs!

  10. David says:

    You could do with it with good diet and exercise. Perhaps this is very slow process yet it is safety. If you wanna loose fast you may try drugs and pills. For more details visit http://looseyourweight.info

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