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weight loss
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Question by larzzyl: weight-loss………?
i just need something that would help me loose weight…i just want to loose more weight just because of some people…i feel like no one really likes me because im a lil over weight and no one really likes me…i have told people i liked them and that was there reason…”i was there type” so does anyone know of any good pills or anything i can do to loose weight.

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Answer by Marie M
you should try meizitang soft gels pill


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6 Responses to “weight-loss………?”
  1. GekiDan says:

    Watch your diet. Keep away from fatty foods and too much oil. Eat fruits and vegetables. Keep away from alcoholic drinks and cigarettes.

    Exercise. A simple jogging is a good way to reduce weight. If you can, go to the gym and work out.

  2. Jane says:

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  3. Tim Ng says:

    Three ways that I have tried and found to be effective.

    Firstly, of the three meals in a day, the most important meal is your breakfast. Make sure that you have a nutritious and a moderately heavy breakfast. Have a fair amount of lunch and finally have only a small amount of portion for dinner. There is a saying that goes, possess your breakfast as your own, share your lunch with your friend but share your dinner with your enemy.

    Next, have your exercise in the morning. It has been proven that an exercise is more effective in burning fats when it is performed in the morning.

    And finally, if you are really keen in exercising in the comforts of your home, get a Wii Fit. I have been using that for the past few weeks and it has been proven to be effective. Imagine yourself skiing on the slopes of the Alps, performing a balancing act across a building and finally heading balls on the training field of a football club all the while in the comforts of your home. The best thing is that these games truly help you to burn your fats. The Wii Fit also assess your Body Mass Index and helps you set goals for your weight loss as well. Therefore, you can consider having one as it is much more economical than to recreate a mini gym in your home.

  4. Sandy says:


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  5. James D says:

    I like to eat foods that boost my metabolism and weight loss , my favourites at the moment are cinnamon and honey. Instead of just taking cinnamon powder I will drink a couple cups of cinnamon tea a day and it helps to keep the weight off, goodluck

  6. Joanne says:

    I was just about ready to throw in the towel and resign myself to being fat for the rest of my life when I heard about the Acai Berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee). Everyone was raving about this amazingly nutritional “superfood” grown on acai palms in the Amazon Rainforest. The Acai Berry phenomenon was all over the media; from articles in fitness magazines to features on popular TV talk shows. Thousands of people all over the world were saying that Acai berry products had helped them with weight loss, improved their health, and increased their energy levels. I came across a site that gives you a free trial in acai berry

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