Weight loss?

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Question by Crystal K: Weight loss?
What is the best way to loss weight?

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Answer by Sarbear
eating less, exercise, drinking lots of water

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5 Responses to “Weight loss?”
  1. German O says:

    eating less calories, not only the best way, but also THE ONLY WAY to do it.

  2. Taylor says:

    eat healthy and exercise!!! Healthy food has less calories in bigger portions!!! Email me @ bluehippy15@yahoo.com if you want to know what i ate today!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Also to keep track of the calories, until you learn your weight around, a great asset is http://www.sparkpeople.com. This place is incredible and will tell you how you go every day. Be completly honest even when you screw up the diet. I use to leave the diet each time I eat a candy. I put the candy one day thinking that I blow it and was going to leave it. And then big surprise! It wasn’t that bad.

  4. Lord Sauron says:

    To achieve anything good the first thing is mind-set and seems like you already have that. Good thing buddy.
    There are some precautions that you should take while opting for any Weight Loss Program….
    Do not go for any quick weight loss crap … It takes time.
    Do not go for any medicines which can have harmful side effects.
    Morning walk is recommended, if possible, do some jogging in morning or evening hours.
    Take a lot of salads, green vegetables.
    Avoid meat and fast food stuff, special fried stuff.
    It took me 6 months to loose noticeable weight and now I’m pretty happy with what I have left on my bones lol. I tried a lot of weight loss programs and the only one that helped me to get good results is http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-2553081-10509288
    Its natural and shows progress within weeks. But remember, I did not leave my schedule of jogging/walking in morning and avoided all that was un-necessary fried stuff.
    Try it and I’m sure it will help …
    Good luck …

  5. onenaturalremedy says:

    1. Drink lots of water – 8 glasses per day

    2. Fiber – rye is really good in helping with weight loss

    3. Natural Alternatives (supplements, shakes)

    What helped me is after every meal I took a supplement called Slendering, and it escorts the calories out of my body. with exersise I lost like 1 pound per day.

    But of course, (well if u know me) the exersise bit didn’t last long, but I still took Slendering and I lost 15 pounds in a month doing nothing but taking this pill after lunch and dinner.

    it’s natural and I think you can find them at drugs stores, but then again maybe not, anyway check it out.


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