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Question by i <3 u: Weight loss………
i just asked a question on weight loss and people said i was insane and it was not enought food
so i made a new list
im a 13 year old girl and i weight 165 pounds and im 5feet 2 incches
i know im really overweight so im gonna try to go on a diet

1 bowl of honey nut cheerios and milk (cherios are whole grain, and the milk is organic and lowfat)

half a cucumber
an apple
10 almonds
and 7 baby carrots

2 glasses of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 rice crispie (90 calories)

im gonna drink lots of water
if i get really hungry inbetween i will drink green tea, and eat baby carrots

i usually NEVER do excersise so im gonna try to change that
im gonna start of with 10 situps every night, and im gonna increase the amount every week by 5
and i will walk for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week

is this a healthy diet?
is this too much food?? because in the last plan i made people said it was too little so i added more food
how much weight do u think i will lose in 2 weeks and will i keep it of?

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Answer by dannamariexo
its rally not that over weight to be honest with you a 5’2 you should be a good 130-140 depending on your frame.
im 5’3 and i weigh 150 pounds but its muscle you can go by how much you weigh its really how you look.!

what your eating is really good. and yes its a healthy diet.
if you keep this going and you exersize like cardio(running&such) you can prob loose up to 6 pounds.. figure a pound or less a day!

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  1. Br@ndon=T says:

    one thing that helped me is running around ur block like twice i day
    i hear u dont like excersise and niether did i but that is one good thing to do
    excersise is the only thing thats gonna really help u sorry but its the truth

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