Weight loss?

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weight loss
by ninahale

Question by maggie_moe1: Weight loss?
I eat around about 700/750/800 calories per day and have been useing my treadmill for 2 hours when i get the chance, i hired out a treadmill i got it on the 5th this month and i have done 14hours and 40 minutes is this good?

I’m sick of been fat, im 140 pounds, i want that perfect body, i just wondering if im doing enough on the treadmill or do i need to cut my calories down even more? I see a little weight loss already.. on my bum and my belly and my face, not sure about my legs tho..
I’m 19 years old 5ft3 and 140 pounds. I used to be 154 pounds when i was 16 17 and thought i need to do something about my body weight as its botherd me. People call me fat. I have a big bum and big tights my waist is small i’d say. I want to be around 120 pounds. I also am trying a special k diet, I eat special k cereal for breakfest lunch and a normal dinner. And only get hungry at night mostly

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Answer by Dannie77
sounds like you are eating far too few calories for your body size as well as your activity level. You didn’t mention your height but your weight sounds pretty average. By eating too few calories you can actually cause your body to go into preservation mode and burn Fewer calories than if you are getting a higher number of calories – plus it can cause you to burn your muscle rather than actually burn your fat which will leave you worse off in the long run by lowering your metabolism even further. Probably no less than 1200 calories/day is a good guideline.

Honestly, from your description, I would worry about your behavior verging on anorexia. There are lots of websites out there that offer a lot of really great healthy weightloss information. Just do a search and you’ll find a ton of tips.

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  1. Dr Peter says:

    You are doing good and going on a right way. I would recommend you to swim or run in addition to that thread milling. This will help you to reduce your weight more. For more details on many ways to reduce weight visit http://weight-loss.healthcare2u.net

  2. mr arg says:

    A study has shown that a virus can actually cause obesity, the Adenovirus Ad-36.

    The good news is that not everyone who carries the virus will become fat or obese. Research indicates that there is a genetic component involved as well. In fact, the adenovirus most often manifests as a respiratory or eye infection, but in some individuals, a particular gene inside the virus causes stem cells (cells that can develop into any type of in the human body) to turn into fat cells.

    It’s a long shot but who knows, it might be the reason.

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