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weight loss
by jackiebese

Question by nwest1999: Weight loss?
How can I effectively lose weight without affecting the eating habits of my family who does not need to lose weight? Is there a cheap weight loss program that will help me lose weight quickly and won’t cost a fortune?

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Answer by mmm katiex
YES! but technicly diets do not work. making a healthy life choice is more the word. just cut BACK the amount of food you would normally eat, cut OUT the fatty, sugary,and the un-healthy foods. you can still eat the food you normaly eat just watch out for certin ones. cause usually with diets you just gain all the weight back on, cause what happens is you got to your goal and your happy about it and think its going ot stay off. but your wong. making a healthy life choice is choosing what you eat for life. so it WILL stay off. just be cautious. and some pointers that also helps along the way.
1. eat a breakfast (at least something, boost up matalabism[sp?])
2. drink TONS of water (your body flushes out fat cells when you pee)
3. dont eat past 7:30 (thats when your body starts storing fat)
4. only eat when your hungry, and dont eat when your not.
5. and excersise AT LEAST 30 min a day.

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  1. spiceitup2007 says:

    Losing weight quickly isn’t the best option. Even if your family doesn’t need to lose weight, it’s still a really good idea to make healthy choices while at the grocery store. Ask your mom to start buying whole grains, more fruits and veggies, and if she wants to keep buying snacks, to put them where you don’t have easy access.

    In the meantime, start exercising. I absolutely love yoga and pilates, they build lean muscle and increase flaxibility. You might want to ‘shop around’ a little bit, though; try a new sport at school or go for a walk in the morning before school.

    It won’t come off really fast, but you’ll be much healthier and happier, honestly. Don’t go for the easy way out when it comes to your health.

    Good luck!

  2. johnny j says:

    eat less that you usually eat, it will help

  3. tonks_op says:

    The main things in weight lose is diet, aerobic exercise to burn the fat and weight lifting to increase your metabolism. Most of what you have to do is to walk, say 30 minutes a day, and work out with some dumbbells. You can find places on the Internet free that will show you how to use the weights.

    As far as the diet. Just give up anything with sugar or anything that raises your blood sugar level. A high blood sugar level will pump insulin into your body and that will store the food as fat. What this means in practice is use whole grains such as whole wheat instead of white bread, no potatoes, no fried food, no junk food. Eat 2 servings of fruit, 2 or more of veggies, 3 of protein, 2 of grains each day. A serving is smaller than you think.

    Eat breakfast within 90 minutes of getting up and have a small amount of protein such as a couple of egg whites if you have time to cook. Then eat 4 or 5 small meals a day. This keeps you from getting hungry and going overboard. It keeps your blood sugar level stable and gives you energy. And like the person above said, be sure to drink 8 cups of water a day.

    Look on the Internet for examples of a low glycemic diet. Good luck.

  4. Hippychick says:

    The least expensive weight loss program around is Weight Watchers. This program promotes healthy eating habits, portion control and increasing your exercise – all of which have been proven over and over to assist with losing weight and keeping it off. Other programs which sell you pre-packaged food, or put you on a starvation plan with injections of vitamins etc are not only way more costly, but they don’t produce lasting results. You may lose weight at first, but once you go off their program you’ll probably gain the weight back. You need to learn how to eat in the real world, with REAL food.

    Even if no one else in your family needs to lose weight, they will all benefit along with you if you prepare healthy meals (focus on using choosing fewer processed foods; instead choose options that are lower in fat, smaller portions of meat, lots of vegetables, etc). You can eat the same meals as the rest of your family, just make sure you pay attention to portion size. Even healthy foods have calories!! See the links I’ve attached to the Canada Food Guide, and to Weight Watchers Canada. Good luck! It’s not as hard as you might think to lose weight, just remember that you’re worth the effort.

  5. Heather says:

    If you really want to pin-point a diet program, I would say weight watchers. But, like any other diet, you wont be successful in weight watchers without a lot of work and dedication.

    I have currently lost 75 pounds in 8 months. And I don’t have to many secrets, but it is all about calorie counting. I made up my own eating plan. And cutting calories doesnt mean you have to starve yourself, but that you can eat more of the right things. You can find meal plans, exercise routines, and your ideal calories to eat online. You could also talk to your doctor.

    Good luck! With alot of work anything is possible!

  6. pure weight loss says:

    FOOD that you eat is responsible to make you either THIN or FAT and it is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pills. Due to wrong choice in foods and not eating the right food at the right intervals each day, you get fat. The right weight loss food and the pattern that you choose for your meals each day is important to achieve your pure weight loss goals.

    You have gotten overweight by eating the wrong foods, that much is a fact. And guess what? The fast weight loss tips and weight loss cure for you to get SLIM is by eating the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS each day.

  7. sharon f says:

    hi! ok i am a mum of 3 young boys and a husband. i have just lost 32kg in 9months without really changing my families diet at all.and didnt break the house hold budget. it sounds sad but i never exercised (to much running around after the kiddies and house work was what i called exercise) i still have 3 sugars in my coffee and ate chocolate every day. if you want to know more email me at gastroid1@yahoo.com. i will send you the diet plan i used to give you an idea.
    cheers sharon

  8. MightyMike says:

    I found this blog that has reviews from a trim down weight loss method. I think its a 30 day thing. Hope it helps! Here it is:

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