weight loss?

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weight loss
by voteprime

Question by adile1994: weight loss?
I need help!!! okay i wanna look, feel, weigh less than i do no!!!! i’m 5’3…..130 pounds…….. and i wanna lose about 10-20 pounds by august 24th!! and i’m only 13 and i weigh alot!! plz does n-e1 have recipes to lose weight (not like a food recipe, like a weight loss recipe) plz n-e wud help. and i’m kinda low on cash and alls i have is: 2- 5lbs weights , stretch band , jump rope, leg weights that tie 2 ur ankles!!! so n-e tips or like recipes that made u slim like the lemonade diet!!!!! that u can home make it!! plz i’m gettin slimmer i’ve been workin out and eatin healthy so dont say that its bad n stuff jus give me the answer plz i need 2 lose weight

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Answer by bmac
Nope. Your weight is perfect:


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3 Responses to “weight loss?”
  1. Courtney says:

    well, if you’re getting slimmer then keep doing what you’re doing. the special diets that you’re talking about don’t work.
    talk to your parents about changing your families eating habits and excercise.

  2. Sara says:

    I know just how you feel and I do believe that it is possible for you to loss weight that amount of weight by august 24. So what I suggest is that you eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegtables and water. Lots of water. Also do about a hour of excercise a day, I suggest jump roping for 20 minuts, few minuts of dumbbell excercise, and maby some yoga. And also a half hour of brisk walking or joging. Do this every day but you are welcome to switch it up a little. Also for eating strategies you should eat slow or slower so you will have time to feel you stomach and you are almost garenteed that you will eat less, cutting down calories. This is all I can think of at the moment but you can also ask you doctor for things you can do and ask friends or reletives. Hope I helped you and just remember I bet you are beautiful now so don’t change for other people, try changing for yourself and for your health!

  3. nicole k says:

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