Q&A: What type of exercising machine works better for weight loss?

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Question by Crystal: What type of exercising machine works better for weight loss?
Even though I wouldn’t mind building up some muscle, my main objective is fast weight loss. Which of the exercising tools are best – treadmill or elliptical or cycling machine?

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Answer by Paul Smiley
Jumping Rope works best and fastest. But it’s not a machine. If you really want a machine then the ellipticals because they usually come with arm poles that you can work with so the upper and lower body gets worked resulting in more calorie loss. However Jumping Rope still tops all the other excersises.

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  1. scarlett94 says:

    The elipticle is more intense than other machines, half a mile on a treadmill burns about 40 calories, while an elipticle burns about 65-70. The best exercises for fast weight loss are running, swimming, and cross country skiing. They all burn about 500 calories or more per hour if done right. 🙂

  2. Ken P says:

    Of the three the treadmill would probably be the better, but it would depend on your speed(s). Here is a quick breakdown from livestrong.com.

    Walking and Running
    About 15 calories per minute are burned running a nine-minute mile (450 cal for 30min). Walking at a 15-minute mile pace burns only about six calories per minute (180 cal for 30min). Walking faster than a 13-minute mile (approximately 4.6 mph on the treadmill) burns more calories. Pumping your arms and seeking out inclines adds more calorie burn to your walk, as does incorporating jogging intervals.
    A leisurely ride burns about 250 calories in a half hour. A competitive cyclist going all out may expect to burn 400 in a half hour. A spin class burns approximately 450 in an hour long session.
    A popular machine at the gym that combines the stride of running with the bio-mechanics of stair stepping, the elliptical provides a decent calorie burn with no impact. It’s possible to burn about 250 calories in a half hour–slightly more if you choose an elliptical with arm poles.

    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/54529-number-calories-burned-during-exercise/#ixzz175FHk7O1

    Jumping Rope only 290 cal in 30min at a moderate to fast pace.

  3. BulletBug says:

    I think the machine that will work best for you is the one that you’ll use on a consistent basis. If you have a gym membership then switching up your routine every few weeks has worked well for me with losing weight.

    Also, in terms of building a bit of muscle, this will actually help you burn more calories during the times when you’re not working out. My wife and I have really gotten good things out of the Body for Life philosophy (if you can call it that) of mixing weight training with cardio.

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