Q&A: What to eliminate from diet for weight loss?

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Question by : What to eliminate from diet for weight loss?
What should i eliminate out of my diet in order to lose the most weight. Any motivational tips?? I am 5ft6in 132lbs, I work out everyday and I havent noticed much weight loss due to my junk food addiction. Any suggestions? What did you do that worked?

obviously i need to cut out the junk, but what can I replace it with so its satisfying too?

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Answer by Ralphina
It’s not good to completely eliminate something from your diet because it increases the chances of you bingeing when you have the chance. Just remember, everything in moderation. You have a junk food diet. If you eat it, let’s say, everyday… try lessening how much of it you eat in a week gradually. Like, week 1: 5 times a week, then week 2: 4 times a week. If you wanna lose that weight permanently, it’s starts with slow little changes like these.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: What to eliminate from diet for weight loss?”
  1. Jacob Galloway says:

    Try gum. It tastes good, doesn’t really make you gain weight, and it isn’t expensive either.

  2. Your Mamma says:

    132 ibs. is a healthy weight for someone who is 5 ft. 6. It would also help to know what junk food you are eating and how much of it to really give an idea of what kind of replacements might be necessary.

    If you are just munchy from boredom, just eat something healthier like apples or celery. If it is hunger (not eating enough) than there are different choices you should be making.

  3. Belinda says:

    you answered your own question: eliminate the junk food!

    you can replace it with these healthy meals: https://shop.tsfl.com/?id=%20&spon_id=30067180

    my clients who are on a maintenance/weight loss plan eat regular food and these meal replacements 6x per day, every 2-3 hours. the cheese puffs, pretzel sticks, pudding, bars and brownies seem like junk, but they’re actually packed with protein, the right amount of carbs, healthy fats, and 25 vitamins and minerals, all for about 110 calories. And all of the foods have the same nutritional profile – the brownie is just as healthy as the cheese puffs, so you can pick what you like.

    They seem expensive at first, but think about how much you spend on junk and how little nutrition you are getting. People who are on the program for weight loss actually save $ because it’s redirected, not extra, food dollars. Granola bars from the health food store, which can be equally expensive, are usually nothing more than carbs – oats and sugar or something like that. Seems healthy, but actually not.

    it’s like giving a dog a vitamin. we’re using food that tastes good to give your body nutrition, rather than empty calories in junk.

  4. Dayne says:

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  5. Madilyn Clark says:

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    Good Luck

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