Q&A: What is your opinion on weight loss shows?

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Question by Woot!: What is your opinion on weight loss shows?
I really don’t know where I stand with weight loss shows.
On the first hand weight loss shows are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by showing people who have weight issues, lose weight.
However, I think it has made people more insecure about body image, it some instances making people who do have a weight problem hate the way they look.
I think it is ironic how we encourage people to lose weight in this obesity epidemic whilst saying that we should have a more positive outlook on body image. What is your view?

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Answer by Your Ancestor
Most are designed to con people into buying products. When I worked in Europe I never saw one weight loss show or even any products for people to lose weight. Seems to be mostly the USA and Australia for some reason.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: What is your opinion on weight loss shows?”
  1. Rinka says:

    theyre entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Daniel Tremblay says:

    Weight loss is A Business like any other ! They do it for the MONEY. It’s billion dollar industry ! But it only works @ 7-10 %. And that is a constant. ” The law of averages “. That’s sales BTW and doesn’t equate to success. Of that 7-10 % will succeed. So 7 out of 100 people divided by 7 = 4.9 people will succeed on any given program. If you HONESTLY want to loose weight ! Change eating habits and get active. Exercise is the key that turns the lock of succeeding. and opens the door of opportunities. Behind door #1, door #2, #3 and so ON.
    Simple ! Not rocket science IS IT ! What your really paying for is… an ” EXCUSE ” to fail. Like drug addicts. So you become addicted to THE fitness Centre or Program, Personal trainer. To whip your ASSs into shape. Works for unmotivated persons !

  3. Kellie says:

    I really think it’s another scam because it’s rediculous of how many different weight lose programs I see every morning or even on comercials. It’s annoying and I tried the pills and they don’t work at all but instead mess up you system, you lose the same amount of weight as if you were to do your own daily work outs. It’s funny how people blow their money on these products and never use them.

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