Q&A: What is the first step in getting weight loss surgery?

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by robertstinnett

Question by ßεanεr: What is the first step in getting weight loss surgery?
I have recently decided to seriously look into getting weight loss surgery and would like to know what my first step should be. Do I need to check with insurance or see the doctor first? What kind of doctor do I call? What kind of appointment do I need to make?

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Answer by Diane Y
Go to see your PCP and ask him/her what they think and then go to a free weight loss seminar…they most likely can tell you about your insurance..the criterias, what is needed and then call your insurance company or go to your insurance company’s website and look up the information.

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  1. Sarah R says:

    Most people go to a seminar first, to suss out which they think is for them – There are about 4 kinds I think but I’m only familiar with the lap band and the gastric bypass – Overall if you have more extra weight to loose the gastric bypass is more suited to that but if you are only 100lbs overweight then the lap band is more suited. You can type it in on google and they come up with some good help sites.

    Personally I am on lapbandtalk.com which is definetly helpful with making my decision

  2. Steff X says:

    First of all, you need to gather all the info you can get, and find a good doctor. Make a list of all your doubts and see that your doctor can satisfactorily answer all of them. To get in touch with qualified doctors, you can attend seminars or get your GP to recommend one.

    There are many types of weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, bariatric surgery and so on. Each one carries a certain risk factor and is adequately treated only AS A LAST RESORT.

    A good doctor will ask you questions such as whether you have tried weight loss diet or exercise before, and whether it helped you to lose any weight.

    Before you do this, check out my videos at http://www.WellnessLiving.org

    All the best,
    Steff X

  3. aclnwj b says:

    So much to consider. Body types, metabolism etc etc make it an impossible task to create answer with a one fits all solution. Consult with dietician and gp to help get on fast track suited to your needs,


  4. So Cal Nurse says:

    I have worked in managed care for many years. I am the one at the insurance company who approves the surgery. There are specific clinical data that must be present generally related specifically to your BMI (body mass index), other co-morbidities (illnesses like hypertension or diabetes), a psychiatric evaluation, and your readiness to comply with the very strict rules after the surgery.

    This is not just a “get slim quick” procedure. There are less invasive forms, but there are additional things to consider. Typically the most weight loss in is the first two years. The pounds will drop, but unless you plan to spend that first year in the bathroom you will be on a very strict and unplesant diet (your body keeps you in check in case you are afraid of falling off the wagon). You also will not typically, no matter how much you lose, ever see a bikini again. The scars are large. You will also have to have an additional surgery (typically approved by an insurance company) to cut away the “extra skin.” Although they are not approved for at least 18 months because of the continued weightloss. You will need to lift it for those 18 months to use the restroom.

    Don’t get me wrong. It renews peoples lives. They are healthier, more active, and more confident. This is life altering for many, but you need to know what you are asking for. Do not get your information from the weight loss sites! They will tell you all the reasons for one and show the atypical “before and after” pictures. Look on the web for support groups. Talk to others who have had it. They will tell you the truth. Then if you qualify, and you still feel this is right for you, then your insurance company should have no problem approving your surgery. This process can take about 3 months if you chose one of these “surgi-centers” They have their own psychiatrist and will be more than happy to give you a recommendation. You might want to pick your own therapist, whom is not affiliated with the surgi-center, and openly talk to them about whether this is a good decision for YOU. Many people do not recover as well as others and there are most certainly the risk of death. This does happen and it does happen more often than you might beleive.

    If/when you reach the point you have done all the above and want the surgery. Get recommendations from others about doctos. Make sure the surgi-center and anesthesiologist are affiliated with your insurance company before surgery. Go to the doctor and they will take care of the rest. They do many of these a year. Sometimes several a day.

    I wish you the best and please trust me from the many I have seen. Talk to others who have under gone the surgery before you make your decisions. Go into it knowing the risks. If you don’t care, call a number in the phone book and work from there. They will get you approved.

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