Q&A: What is a good beginners weight loss video?

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Question by Ophelia523: What is a good beginners weight loss video?
I am significantly overweight after having my child and can not afford a gym membership. I love to dance, so I am hoping to find a good dancing for weight loss sort of video. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Lilly Kolbenson
You may be thinking that this is a childish site, and its only for teenagers. This site however for there workouts have real trainers come up with them for readers. So it will be liking having your very own trainer. Since these are for a younger age i would recommend while you are doing a workout to have weights and add a pound to the weight each week. Good luck!

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What is a good beginners weight loss video?”
  1. Coleen Megan says:

    This may sound crazy, but I love “Carmen electra’s strip our way to fitness” series. It’s tasteful, fun, gives you confidence, and IT WORKS! Also, slimquick has really helped me along with diet and a little exercise. It’s made just for women and gives your metabolism a little extra kick!

  2. Tiffiny Desotel says:

    Search YOu tube you will find many

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