Q&A: What does everyone think of weight loss surgery?

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Question by princess_45342: What does everyone think of weight loss surgery?
I am having weight loss surgery November 27. I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (I sleep with a BiPap machine already) and it’s getting worse and I am not losing weight fast enough for the Dr’s and really need to have it. they said this will alleviate the problem and of course I will be thin again. So do any of you have any advice or stories about your WLS that you’d like to share with me? or possible recipes that you used.
Thanks in advance!

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Answer by paulawegohealth
I think weight loss surgery for some is a good option. Most people that get weight loss surgery have to give 5 years of medically directed proof that they have attempted all forms of weight loss and not succeeded. I had an aunt and a cousin both who had weight loss surgery (gastric bypass). Both lost a lot of weight and 5+ years down the road are doing great with the weight still off. Good luck to you and I hope that your other health issues are improved after the surgery. Below are some links on weight loss surgery that you might read before your surgery. The second link is a book that was written. Please don’t let the title bother you. I have read some of them for other things, and they can be quite good. Good luck.

I’m a community moderator at the site I’m referencing below. We have a few threads on weight loss surgery. If you want to come in and talk with others about your surgery, and especially let us know how your doing after surgery we would love to have you.

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