Q&A: What do you think about weight loss surgery?

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Question by BriSha: What do you think about weight loss surgery?
I am 21, and 310lbs. I have done dieting and excersising and I can not get this weight off. I am thinking about weight loss sugery. What do you think? And do you know anything about health insurance coverage? Does anyone know what it would cost out of pocket? All info appreciated!

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Answer by RadTech
As far as insurance coverage and out of pocket cost, it will vary from company to company. You will have to contact your insurance company to find that out.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: What do you think about weight loss surgery?”
  1. floranfauna says:

    I had Laproscopic Lapband done 2 years ago with the idea that it would be the least invasive and slowest weightloss out of the surgeries. I have lost 60 lbs.

    My insurance BCBS covered it because I had 3 comorbidities and I believe they thought it was a good idea for me. I had to pay about $ 2,000. 00 out of pocket.

    I was trained and prepared for about 2 months. It required eating small meals, very slowly, and no drink with eating. I lost 20 lbs just preparing for surgery.

    What I wished I’d known then that I know now is that weight loss surgery is just a tool–it is not a miracle cure. When they say you “can’t eat” over 1/2 cup of food, they mean you “can’t” like you SHOULDN”T, not “can’t” like you won’t be able to. I am eating pretty normal portions of food (nothing like the amounts I used to), however, I am eating about 1 1/2 cups rather than just 1/2 cup–thus the slow weight loss.

    I have to say, it was well worth it though–the 60 lbs has felt great and I continue to hold steady even when I am not doing my best.

    Hope this helps. Plan on a liquid diet for about 2 weeks before surgery. Plan on about 2 months for the lap-band to be fully expanded and working before the bigger weight loss comes. Plan on continuing to have the same hunger and appetite you did before. It just makes it harder to eat fast, and eat solid foods. I still have trouble with breads, meats, and hard things. I have to eat slowly.

    Good luck! Find what is right for you.

  2. NYZ says:

    Supposedly, the surgery can cure your diabetes, that’s the only reason I’d have the surgery done. I would keep exercising and dieting right. How are you dieting? People diet wrong all the time, and work out improperly. The right diet is five small meals a day. Like a sandwich with turkey, or some low fat cottage cheese and pineapple. The right way of working out, is to bring your heart rate up, and let it cool down many times. If you did this and nothing happened then I’d do the surgery, don’t postpone getting healthy. Now that your 21 you shouldn’t worry about death, you should worry about who’s driving after a night of partying.

  3. Jasper says:

    I knew a girl that died from that! It was a miserable, painful death. But Hey! You go right ahead!

  4. Uncle Pedro says:

    It is a good idea if you really really need it. Most people do it when they are in the range of 500 lb or up, but anyone can do it. It is just really expensive. If you want to lose weight, don’t give up you still can. Try this.

    Hey, this is what I tell everybody about losing some type of weight or the other. First of all, NEVER use drugs, medications, or any other things that you would have to take in order to lose weight, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Like if you were about to die or something) Drugs may be helpful and will do the job, but let me explain to you why this is such a bad idea. Let’s say you take some drugs, to help you lose some weight. There are some very nasty side effects for using such hazardous remedies. All medications are different, but all include things like headaches, nausea, tiredness, fainting, and many other side effects that you here on those commercials that advertise a drug or medicine and then quickly list all the bad side affects, like some of those episodes on The Simpson’s. Not only will drugs wear you down, but taking drugs to lose weight have been known to make you lose weight, but once you’re off the drug, you start gaining weight again. With normal exercising, you have to practice certain things, such as exercising daily, eating nasty vegetables and staying away from things with excessive fat. With drugs, you don’t practice any of that and you start gaining weight again because you just go back to your dietary methods as before. Then you end up getting larger again and you’re back where you started. As happy and perfect as they seem on commercials, drugs and medications are just the wrong path to take to lose weight.

    Never ever ever ever ever ever ever become anorexic or bulimic. Not only is it bad for you, it tires you out and if people find out they’ll think you’re a freak. It’s better to eat 10 lb of meat a day for a year than to become anorexic or bulimic.

    1) You always need to exercise, everybody knows it. The hardest part is the how. On your first day of running or something you’re not going to be able to get up early in the morning and run for 3 miles. You have to be prepared or else you might think it is too hard to handle. First of all you need a good breakfast. Skipping or eating scrawny breakfasts of a piece of toast or something isn’t going to cut it. Eat some fruit, like some apples, oranges, or bananas, drink some milk and orange juice, and other healthy breakfast like things. Whatever you do, don’t go off with the day on an empty stomach. Scientists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in that it gives you all the energy you need for the rest of the day. Before you go running or exercising, be sure to bring a water bottle. I-pods help too or other things like MP3s. If running is too hard to do near where you live, go to a place that has exercising equipment. Don’t like running? You can still lose loads of weight by doing push-ups, curl-ups, or lifting weights. It really helps to take ballet or maybe buy videos with Pilate’s dancing or yoga.

    2) Eating healthy is also very important to lose weight. Always try and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Fruits taste good and are sweet, but some vegetables (especially the ones that are super good for you) taste really bad to some people. An easy way to get used to these bitter, nasty, evil veggies is to eat a tiny amount of the veggie that you really don’t like every day or week for a long time. After awhile, you will get used to the taste and will start to be OK with eating that vegetable. Just because you’re on a diet, doesn’t mean that you’ve just turned vegan or vegetarian. You still have to eat meat. Just not as much of it. Whatever you do, don’t skip meals and eat properly with lots of fruits and veggies and this will help you lose weight very fast. When you’re eating, try to eat slowly and you will get full faster. That way, you will eat much less.

    3) Another great way to lose weight is to do activities like sports or physical games that make you move. Swimming, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and all other sports are great ways to lose weight. It’s like a bonus–lose weight, have fun. Or you can look around on the Internet for weight loss programs or places that have exercising equipment that will surely help you lose weight.

    If you follow these instructions on how to lose weight, you will see the difference for yourself in no time.

    –Uncle Pedro

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