Q&A: What are your weight loss questions and issues?

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by Lexinatrix

Question by Kris K: What are your weight loss questions and issues?
I’m putting together an outline for a weight loss book and I need to know the most common problems people face as well as their questions. You can give multiple questions and if someone has already mentioned yours please mention it again so I know the more popular ones. I want the I want the questions and concerns you can think of and the ones you have yourself.

Thanks so much for the help!!!

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Answer by Anna
okay so my dad is like 5’8 or 9 i forget, and my mom is like 5’4″ . my brother is 17 and is 5’7″ and im only 4″11 . im 13 and i weigh around 108ish, i know im still like growing.. but idk if im actually growing a lot because my family is kinda short. I dont know whether i should eat like 2000 calories a day and hope that i grow or restrict my calories and hope i lose weight. I really really really wanna lose weight. But everytime i give up i think to myself tht im perfect and i dont need to lose weight, so then i eat whatever i want. but then after i try to convince myself that i need to lose the weight. its stressful. I think about my weight probly 24/7. its really hard forme. How many calories do I REALLY burn a day? if i only knew this answer. And sometimes when i eat like 2000 calories a day, i feel really bloated and my stomach pops out like omg. so idk if i have a slow metabolism or what. im so confused

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