Q&A: What are some foods that are good for weight loss?

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Question by : What are some foods that are good for weight loss?
I drink a lot of green tea, and I hear pistachio nuts are good for you, are there any other healthy foods that promote weight loss? Thanks.

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Answer by Torrie Johnston
anything organic and fillling w/little amounts of calories and grams of fat…and special k products

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13 Responses to “Q&A: What are some foods that are good for weight loss?”
  1. outrageous balla says:


  2. Nicchi says:

    Celery is good because you use more calories in digesting it than it gives you.

  3. navarone_chaos says:

    green vegetables, chicken, fish, fruits, unsalted almonds, whole wheat bread,

    get off the tea and buy crystal light lemonade,

    if you make fish or chicken – use some kind of SPICY seasoning, hot/spicy thing speeds up your metabolism

  4. big ryan says:

    Well some very good foods would be cottage cheese (low fat) it is super high in protein, almonds are also very good. Dark greens are great, carrots and celery are good because there are basically water and have near no calories.

  5. Serene E says:

    fruits and veggies, nuts, lean meat, whole grain breads and pasta. Eat at least 1200 calories a day.
    Go to google and search on 1200 calories diets, 1400 calorie diets for diet plans.

  6. bigclaire says:

    it’s not so much what, as how much. Count your calories and calories from fat, keeping a food diary is a good way to keep track of what you’re eating. Eating less and moving more sounds almost too simple, but it’s the most effective way to lasting weight loss. good luck.

  7. Rielly H says:

    Apples, celery and berries. There is a whole list of “super foods” or “negative calorie foods” that help you lose weight or like celery, burn more calories to eat. Just search one of the quotes.

  8. Me says:

    Fruits and vegetables.
    They are low in calories and very filling.
    To eat an apple takes a lot of chewing and all the fiber will fill you up as opposed to eating junk food that will only make you crave more.

    Stick to fruits and veggies.
    Also consider eating nuts (not so much walnuts), because they are full of all kinds of goodness and they are filling as well.

    Watch your portions, eating wrong portions is the #1 problem fat people have.

    I eat a lot of rice throughout my week because its gluten-free. I can’t eat other breads or pastas because of gluten which bloats me, makes me very lathargic, cranky and basically fat.
    So I don’t do bread, even whole wheat because whole wheat has gluten in it.

  9. Guadalupe says:

    I love this article, is about cinnamon and its great benefits, I pass the link


    Hope you enjoy!

  10. Barcelona Barcelona says:

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    Try the Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss.

  11. Drew Kidman says:

    Hi! Do the traditional method of weight loss program, eat green leafy veggies, drink lots of water, and ohh, eat less red meat, and do eat fish meat, it’ll help to do the trick.

  12. liviu says:

    some foods are good for weight loss because, they offer to your body less calories that your body is spending to metabolize them and vice versa.

  13. Wonderwoman says:

    lettuce, sweet potato, broccoli, almond satay sauce, lemon, carrots, chicken, onion etc.

    Check this out: http://www.paleorecipes.co.cc/p/free-paleo-recipes.html

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