Q&A: Weight loss contest, whats the most you can lose in 2 months?

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by Newbirth35

Question by Clarissa Darling: Weight loss contest, whats the most you can lose in 2 months?
They are having a weight loss contest to see who can lose the most weight in 2 months, and the winner wins 1000 bucks. What’s the most weight someone can lose in 2 months, and besides eating smaller portions and exercising, what else can you do? This is for my husband who is 5’11 and 260lbs.

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Answer by kayla m
45 lbs

to lose weight u need to eat right and have a workout plan 5-6 days a week.u have to want it.
***try this u need to change ur diet.
eat six times a day. ea of ur 3 main meals needs to combine a lean protein such as chicken breast ground turkey turkey bacon egg whts also combine that with a complex carb such as a baked potato or sweet potato wild rice brown rice oatmeal or girts. also add fresh fruit and vegies to lunch and dinner. pick fruits low in sugar like pears and berries. if u get canned vegies get ones with low sodium. eat every 3-4 hrs keep ur metablism moving.
***also the most important part is WATER drink at least 64oz. no soda or juice. water will curve ur cravings.
u need to hit cardio 3-4 times a week running outside it great workout if u can hit a gym and a cardio machine is great at least 30mins***
also add weight/strength training 3 times a week.u can google free weight traning guides anywhere. its not hard to find things for free. also for those wanting sexy hot abs. a nice toned stomach comes from a body with low body fat. so if ur overweight and u do a million crunches or any ab workout you r wasting your time!!! cant see the muscles under fat. low body fat equals=a nice flat toned stomach.
***plan ur meals ahead of time.always have a healthy snack with u so u wont be tempted to eat fast food. also if u wait to late to eat u will get so hungry u will eat the world. make time to work out start out with 30 mins then increase.its ur body treat it right. ur diet alone can help lose weight but working out makes ur body look good. shows muscles and tight skin which is sexy and beautful. stick with it ur body will amaze u!!! to be healthy and look great u need both in ur life. good luck

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Weight loss contest, whats the most you can lose in 2 months?”
  1. SuperMan says:

    have u seen the biggest loser.. guys there lose like 100 + lbs in 2 months but there like 300-500 + lbs… so it depends.. the goal is to lose the fat not ur muscle too.. u need it for fast metabolism and more calorie burner… opt for a high protein, high fiber, low carb diet..

  2. Mr. Angry says:

    look into Keto dieting, its the fastest/ best way to lose fat

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