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weight loss
by ConnieC

Question by Mrs. Goddess: Weight loss?
Any good low-fat foods that taste like “comfort food”? I’m tired of plain chicken, salads, etc only being considered healthy and good for weight loss.

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Answer by rebecca j
you dont have to eat low fat food to lose weight. its all about control and the amount u take in. obviously have low fat options but eat ur regular food too, i like lasagne and macaroni cheese…just in small portions. true salads get boreing, thats why diets dont work. eat normal but balance food out, like have a slice of pizza but put sum fresh tomatoes, peppers etc on it.

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  1. pattiof says:

    Well it depends on what you are looking for sweet or salty. There are the new pringles selects (there low in fat) and they are very tasty. They come in various flavors. I think one serving ranges fro 150 to 170 calories. Popcorn is also a good substitute, or some all natural sorbet! Good luck.. I hear your pain!

  2. Ro' says:

    1.5 oz dark chocolate

  3. Y? says:

    God do I know that feeling. I used to do competetive fitness shows and during the last 12 weeks, you litterally had to eat NOTHING fun. The best I can say for you is get some splenda and put it in your egg whites/protein shakes/whatever. It tastes sweet and kinda settles that craving for a bit. Well worth the 10 bucks for a bag of it. Pours like sugar, they say it measures scoop for scoop but thats complete bs, figure out the measuring for yourself.

    Best of luck to you, don’t go overboard or you’ll get burned out.

  4. disorder_ly_conduct says:

    Diet jello, which probably doesn’t sound appealing, but doesn’t taste any different than regular jello only has like 10 calories in it per serving or something. Put this in a sundae dish or cup and throw some whip cream (and fresh strawberries?) on it. Indulge in sweet low calorie treats like this to make your diet sensible. And yes, you can even have a slice of pizza or a piece of cake – probably a 1/4 of the size of what you would have ate in the past. It is all about portion control – not deprivation.

  5. Angel says:

    http://www.HerbUrHealth.net lets you have one colorful meal with the foods you like but in moderation.

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