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Question by ~ Boy #3 Due in November ~: Weight Loss?
Should I do the weight watchers/la weight loss/another diet program, or just try to lose weight on my own with good diet and exercise. I am going to try and lose a total of 80lbs.

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Answer by omgukilledkenny94
IMO, you should try Weight Watcher/other, and, if it doesnt work for you after a month, then try top lose weight by yourself but WITH THE CONSENT of a licensed medical doctor. Don’t hurt yourself! (Literally)

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  1. Sadie says:

    I know a lot of people who have had success with weight watchers. As you get used to losing weight and learn more about what it takes, then you can go at it on your own, but many people find the support great.

  2. frabjak says:

    A lot of time when we have a large amount of weight we want to lose, it can become very overwhelming to do on our own, and very confusing as to which advice to listen to. Working a program gives us an opportunity to have some sort of support and guidance.

    I’ve tried them all, and they all work if you follow them..however these are my observations. LA Weightloss was great, however it’s basicly a high protein diet which gets very expensive and boring very quickly. Jenny Craig does the job too, however, you don’t learn how to do it yourself since they provide the food for you (and it cost me about $ 70 a week for food!). Atkins, it will work, but I had to question if I was going to give myself a heart attack from all the red meat and fat they say are ok to eat. Finally I talked to my doctor and he recommended Weight Watchers. In all honesty this has been the most realistic weight loss plan I’ve been on. It’s easy to follow and extremely practicle for everyday life.

  3. jamie101 says:

    well my teacher said that she lost 25lbs on weight watchers but i think it is good to loss weight by exercise and and eating right. so u can try weight watchers but i say do both weight watcher and diet on your own to.

  4. SMinerva21 says:

    If you’re looking to lose 80 pounds, I would go for the lifestyle makeover and do it on your own. Mostly because Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss Centers basically promote the same ideas of healthy eating and smaller portions anyway.

    Here are some tips that I’ve learned throughout my healthier lifestyle change:

    1. Get rid of all the snacks in your house. Replace with fruits and veggies, or healthier snacks like the 100-calorie packs. Those are awesome. If you eat the slowly, they seem like a big snack. They also have great flavors like Grasshoppers, which taste just like thin mint girl scount cookies.

    2. Cut soda out of your diet. It’s a scientific fact that one soda a day will make you gain 15 pounds a year. The sugar in soda is a death sentance if you’re dieting. If you need a sweet drink, try the vitiamin water with different flavors.

    3. You HAVE you excercise. Join a gym that you feel comfortable in, and take advantage of any free personal trainer sessions they offer. If you can’t afford a gym (like me), invest in home work-out DVDs. I use Janis Saffel cardio kickboxing DVDs three times a week, and Pilates two times a week. There are also a variety of 10-minute solution work-out DVDs out there on Amazon.com that contain a few different 10-minute workouts that you can customize to fit your lifestyle.

    4. Drink LOTS of water. It works.

    5. Green tea is a great supplement to the water because of its anti-oxidant properties.

    6. Do excercise whenever you have the chance. If you’re on the escalator at the mall, walk up or down it. Take stairs, etc.

    7. Smaller portions. Americans eat way too much in one meal. A salad plate is the size meal we should be eating. If you’re at a restaurant, cut the meal in half, and bring it home right away. Then you have a meal for the next day!

    8. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. It’s a misconception that you should eat less throughout the day, when really, to keep your metabolism up, you should snack in between meals (fruits and veggies).

    9. When you slip up, don’t beat yourself up over it. If you have a cookie or three, just start over with your next meal or snack.

    10. Always feel good about yourself throughout the journey. When you lose a few pounds, go out a buy a new shirt that you love. Even though you won’t wear it for long because you’ll continue to lose weight, it’s a temporary booster that we all need to keep going.

    These things really are simple lifestyle changes that make big differences. Don’t fall for any diets like low-carb or anything. They won’t KEEP the weight off. Don’t take diet pills. They don’t work.

    Also, if you think it will help, go to a nutritionist. They will be able to tell you how many calories and fat grams you need to have a day to lose a steady 1-2 pounds a week. Or you can google calorie intake per day to type in your body weight, etc. for the same calculations. Keep journals to help you out.

    Plus, how proud of yourself will you be when you lose the weight naturally? It’s such a great feeling!

    Take it seriously, and you’ll do great.

  5. Angel says:

    I know a great plan that is not that expensive, its around 4 dollars a day that you spend on breakfast and lunch. You eat once a day and drink a shake twice a day it has 9gs of protein and it comes with tea, mulit vitamins and a cell activator to help you absorb all the nutrution from all your meals and tablets. Visit http://www.HerbUrHealth.net for more information.

  6. quizmeister says:

    I don’t know…are you self-motivated, or do you need moral support from someone else? Are you competitve?

    If you are a fairly self-motivated, I would suggest you try to do it yourself with diet and exercise. If you need the support of someone who is trying to reach the same goal and you have time for meetings, etc., then join a weight-loss group. If competition motivates you, find someone who also has a competitive edge and lose weight on a bet. Winner gets a manicure, not a cheesecake!

    Much luck to you.

  7. Patti C says:

    Probably not LA Weightloss, but I do recommend Weight Watchers. You need to be in control of your own food decisions, and having someone else tell you what to eat is not a long term solution (maybe a kickstart, but not the plan).

    If you think you want to try to do it on your own, Great! I calorie counted – everything I ate, and everything I burned. Worked for me (I did use a free online site to do the math for me, link below), and I saved my cash for really nice New Balance shoes and 5K entry fees.

    Good luck!

  8. ak_az_vm says:

    Here is a place that reviews a bunch of weight loss programs, dieting aides, supplements and so on. The site even has categories like diabetes, low fat and hypnosis. Pretty cool site.


    Many of the programs listed have consumer reviews, so you can read what others think of the different programs.

    Hope this helps – Good luck to you!

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