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Question by Amish Rebel: Weight Loss?
I’ve been trying to lose weight for some time now. I only need to lose about 30 pounds. Recently, I noticed that I have been losing weight, even though I haven’t really been on much of a diet. I went to the doctor, who told me I have a Tape Worm inside me, and this is causing my weight loss. Here’s my delimma: Should I remove the Tape Worm, or rejoice at my new-found diet plan? I mean, hey! I get to eat whatever I want and I’m still losing weight. Maybe I should wait until I get to my desired weight and then have it removed? What do you think?
While I appreciate the various weight loss suggestions I have gotten, they do not pertain to the question I put forth. Should I let the tape worm stay inside me to help me lose weight?

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Answer by gobanana516
If you waited to remove it till you lost the weight, what do you think would happen then? You wouldn’t have learned anything about proper nutrition, and your eating and exercise habits wouldn’t have changed. So you would gain the weight right back.

So if you decide to do that, enjoy your temporary weight loss while it lasts!

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10 Responses to “Q&A: Weight Loss?”
  1. Barkley C says:

    Weight loss is one of the most difficult challenges because you are fighting against natural survival mechanisms. Remember the days when we didn’t know when our next meal would be? Like several milliion years ago? No of course not. The body has a number of homeostatic (self regulating) systems such as blood Ph and water content, temperature, blood oxygen level, and yes, weight. Have you heard of “set point?” It is your “normal” weight that is, the weight your body is used to being. If it drops a pound or two in a short time you will become more than usually hungry and make up for it. Diets do more harm than good because of this. Your body doesn’t know that you are dieting. It only knows that there is a famine on and that the next time there is a feast it will put on an extra pound or two in preparation for the next famine. So, in the long run you will gain weight by dieting.
    What is found to be most effective long term is to change your eating behavior very gradually. Keeping a food “diary” for several weeks will help youto become more in touch with that behavior. Then, pick one target food such as mayonnaise, or some other single food that will be easy to do without. Cut it out of your diet competely. After a few weeks or a month pick another one. Forget calories and focus on fat grams.
    If some of your eating behavior is stress related, start learning alternative ways to deal with or reduce stress in your life. Etc., etc.
    Good luck. It worked for me
    (LOOSE THE TAPEWORM! It is a parasite that does not belong in your body. Unless you plan to leave it there forever you will regain the weight when it is gone.)

  2. Colber says:

    If you are serious about losing weight in a safe and natural way then the following article is for you:


    Nothing is for sale, just great info;)

  3. Lambert Klein says:

    I’m surprise that your doctor didn’t make a recommendation.

    You want real weight loss results that work. Try to eat healthy, exercise, and really desire to be healthier.

    Some points you want to consider for your new healthier weight loss program will be gaining the knowledge to succeed. Another matter is your overall health. If you are healthier your weight will be also. Learn about portion sizes and negative calories.

    When you are healthy you will be confident and feel better about yourself and others. You will make smarter choices that you can cherish in the years ahead. Think about it as investing in yourself. Aren’t you the most important person to invest in? Others around you will benefit from your improvements as well.

    Remember weight loss is not easy and effortless. You will have to put work into it just as you do with other important things in your life. You just have to decide precisely what is important to you and if it is worth your precious time. I hope that you will decide on the most important thing in your life, you!

  4. angela says:

    awsome i wish i had 1 and my mom let me keep it b4 little

  5. kalpana s says:

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  6. Renee D says:

    I say keep the tape worm if it does not pose a health problem and it dose’nt feel yucky in your stomache.I never get things like that I never had:Lice, Nose Bleed, Tapeworm….

  7. Krista N says:

    Well, I think that is just fantastic!!! Congrats, but theoretically,
    i think you should probably take it out, i mean you don’t really know what harm it can cause to your body. If it causes no harm then LEAVE IT. but if it does then i would say take it out..

  8. trishay79 says:

    First, get that tape worm removed before it causes serious problems to your body!

    Then, here’s some tips on weight loss:
    1. Cut back or eliminate soda and drink as much water as you can, the best amount is to drink 64 oz. of water (8 glasses/bottles of 8 oz. water) a day. As close to that amount as possible.

    2. Eliminate or cut back on fast food, it’s more expensive than cooking from scratch and usually has very high fat, salt, and calories.

    3. Learn about proper portion sizes. A serving isn’t what you happen to put on your plate. It’s a specific amount of food defined by common measurements, such as cups, ounces or pieces. See the Mayo Clinic website below for specifics. Most Americans eat double or triple of what is considered a serving and then count it as one serving which is part of the problem.

    4. Cut back on trans fats, found in oleo and butter. Land O Lakes has a fresh buttery spread with 0g trans fat that tastes really good. Its a yellow and blue container and most grocery stores should have it.

    5. Exercise. Some people think, arrgh, exercise…but it can be fun. There are lots of exercises you can do that are fun: swimming, biking, ice skating, roller skating, dancing are a few things some people enjoy doing that are actually exercise even if you don’t think about them that way. Get 30 minutes of exercise a day to maintain your weight or 45 minutes to lose weight.

    Second website will teach you about different diets available and whats good or bad about them and whats involved. Third one will tell you some better choices to common foods you might eat and what might be a healthier alternative.

  9. TeaQueen says:

    YES!! HAVE THAT PARASITE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!! why didn’t your doctor schedule you for surgery a.s.a.p.??
    try this instead!
    I have been using this website for a while now and I love it. It has a lot of great information and tools for losing weight. AND IT’S FREE!!If you sign up, please tell them I sent you:Honeybea. Thanks!

  10. aanstalokaniskiodov_nikolai says:

    You should keep it so that it can reproduce in your digestive tract, and then you can have a lot of baby tapeworms feeding off of you as well. You’ll lose weight really quickly then!

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